Red Imps send cheeky Celtic tweet; Rangers fans get desperate

By Euan Davidson

December 22, 2020

Fine, maybe Celtic achieving the Quadruple Treble isn’t a world first.

Considering the historical esteem of Scottish football, though, it’s still worth celebrating. Certainly, it’s never been done within our borders.

Still, when Celtic tweeted “A world first”, Gibraltar’s finest club Lincoln Red Imps felt the urge to make a correction. You see, they’ve won the Gibraltan treble four times consecutively as well.

Hey, you can only play in the league you’re given by your country (unless you’re Cardiff City or Swansea). So we’re not going to downplay Red Imps’ achievements against the likes of Europa FC and FC Bruno’s Magpies (Transfermarkt).


As good as Lincoln Red Imps? Celtic lift their 12th consecutive domestic trophy / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

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Given that the standard of Scottish football is inarguably higher (UEFA), it’d be fair to say that while Red Imps have been fantastic, it’s a wee bit harder to do over here. One treble is tricky to do anywhere, but it’s objectively true to say that completing a treble is harder in Scotland.

Similarly, you might argue that a domestic trio of trophies would be harder to achieve in Serie A than say, Wales.

That’s because of the level of opposition. Rangers are included in that, they’re a good side. So why, then, are Rangers supporters lapping up Red Imps’ patter when it only emphasises the achievements of Celtic more? Gibraltan Football doesn’t have a “mighty” RFC, right?

So, surely the logic is, because Rangers are there, it’s even harder for Celtic to win a treble. Yet, we’ve won 4 on the bounce. I’m tying to consider this from the perspective of an Aberdeen fan, or a St. Mirren fan: the point would still be “oh well hey, they have much bigger budgets, but that’s still hard to do”. No? Or…? What, then?

With that in mind, why are folk compelled to reply to Lincoln Red Imps’ tweets with animated GIFs of Scott Arfield? It’s totally bizarre behaviour. Rangers weren’t even in the final yesterday.

It’s hard to know why some Rangers supporters do the things they do. There was the ‘Welcome to the Party’ thing (Scottish Sun), and the bizarre Little Mix beef a few years back (BBC). Now they’re gloating about… Gibraltan football?

It’s strange, strange stuff. If you’re a Rangers fan, you’ve got a substantial lead in the league. Why are you tweeting Lincoln Red Imps? Genuinely check the nick of some of these desperate replies. We’ve well and truly broken them: