Report: Alloa will argue Postecoglou instruction was factor in Celtic injury

By Euan Davidson

January 28, 2022

Alloa Athletic will argue to the SFA that Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou’s instructions led to Yosuke Ideguchi suffering an injury, according to a report.

The two clubs met last week in the Scottish Cup. Mouhamed Niang, given a yellow on the night, has been cited by the SFA Disciplinary Panel, who will meet today to decide on retrospective action. His tackle on Ideguchi caused furore afterwards, being late and reckless as it was.

However, a report in the Scottish Daily Mail [28/1 print edition, p. 84] has shed light on Alloa’s strategy. The Wasps maintain that it’s Postecoglou’s instruction to players, to protect themselves from tough challenges, that caused the harm.

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The report states: “Alloa believe that the instruction to pull out of tackles actually contributed to Niang’s followthrough on Ideguchi and that the injury was a consequence of momentum rather than malice.”

An interesting perspective, to say the least.

The report goes on to say that Alloa have compiled a “dossier” from ex-referees on this kind of challenge. In fairness to the SPFL club, they’re certainly prepared for the eventualities of today’s SFA disciplinary hearing.

For Celtic or Yosuke Ideguchi though, it makes not a scrap of difference. Ideguchi can’t be un-injured if Niang gets suspended for a game or two.

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SFA can set strong precedent with Alloa and Celtic decision

The SFA can go two ways here; either set an example about reckless, late challenges, or buy a very strange excuse from Alloa Athletic.

It doesn’t really matter what Ange Postecoglou told his players. Niang’s was a shocking tackle, one that should’ve been given a red card there and then. If anything, it seems a bit self-defeating to attempt a defence of “Well, he was trying not to get injured! So there!”.

It’s just daft. Obviously, Alloa Athletic have every right to defend their player, that’s their prerogative. The wave of negative press coming Alloa’s way after that game will have been troubling those at the Indodrill. Unless they’re going for a 90s Wimbledon-style image, no club really wants the “dirty” tag.

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The fact remains though, it was a late, risky and damaging tackle. It wasn’t published at the time. Wheeling out former refs and blaming the victim – in this case Ideguchi – seems counter-productive. And none of this helps Celtic in any way.

Do you think Ideguchi, Postecoglou or anyone at Celtic will be significantly moved if Niang gets a two-game suspension? No. It doesn’t affect us at all.

It’s another really shoddy display from SFA referees. All it needs now is a Crawford Allan appearance on national radio to kick it into overdrive.

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