Report: Celtic and others left with big concern after Monday VAR meeting

By David Walton

March 1, 2022

Pro-VAR clubs have been left with a major concern that the cost of video technology will be too expensive for Scottish football to introduce, the Scottish Sun reports.

The Sun states that Celtic and Rangers are 2 clubs demanding its inclusion. However, the report also claims that the price to bring it to Scotland has almost doubled from £60k-per-year to £118k-per-year.

The report says that the SPFL tabled its newest proposal yesterday. This involves having the VAR officials stationed on the outskirts of Glasgow managing the games simultaneously. Costs have also increased due to a need to involve more cameras at games in order to help with decision-making.

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The Sun claims that the meeting ended with clubs worried about the new figure. That the cost of £118k-per-year would mean that many couldn’t afford to sanction it.

VAR has been a key talking point in Scottish football in recent weeks. Rangers have continued to moan about it not yet being in place despite the fact they would likely have lost more points if it was introduced [The Scotsman].

A vote is due to be had on the video technology before the end of the season.

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Will bigger clubs give lesser clubs a helping hand to introduce VAR?

It’s a massive blow for the pro-VAR clubs if others in Scotland can’t manage to afford its implementation. £118k-per-year might not sound like a lot for Celtic. However, when you go further and further down the league, there are clubs where that figure means far too much to them.

If Celtic and Rangers in particular are keen on making this happen, you have to wonder what the next steps would be. Would they, perhaps, help struggling clubs to pay for their portion of the overall fee? Would we pay more than our fair share into the pot in order to drive down the cost for others?

It all really depends on how keen we are to make this happen. There’s no reason for us to be twiddling our thumbs when we have the resources there to bring it in. It’s not as if every club in Scotland has been calling for it as much as ourselves and our rivals.

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VAR needs to come to Scottish football. It doesn’t matter if we like it or not. That’s what modern football looks like now. And it’s clearly something the referees want to bring into the game too.

The idea is that it comes into place after the World Cup in Qatar later this year. It likely wouldn’t debut in Scotland until 2023, but with all of the big leagues in Europe having already implemented it, it’s important we aren’t left behind.

All eyes then on the next step as the price of VAR continues to be a sore point for many clubs in Scotland.

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