The prospect of Celtic being crowned champions is becoming more and more likely, according to the Edinburgh Evening News.

The Evening News reports that concerns are increasing regarding the league’s ability to conclude before the UEFA deadline of June 30th. The SPFL are monitoring events elsewhere, particularly in England.

The SPFL are also keen to ensure that prize money and broadcasting rights go out to all 42 member clubs over the next two months. Therefore, they’re absolutely against any idea of a null and void season, according to the Evening News.


The Scottish Premiership trophy

The Scottish Premiership trophy (Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

The SPFL also reportedly believe that they may have no option but to end the league after the passing of a government bill yesterday that bans large public gatherings. Depending on how long this bill stands, football cannot be played for the foreseeable future.

However, the Evening News believes the SPFL feel they have no choice but to call time on the season if that happens.

Crisis is worsening

Nobody could’ve predicted two weeks ago that we would all be sitting here in what’s effectively a lockdown. People aren’t allowed to leave their homes unless it’s for essentials.

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The fact that people aren’t even allowed to go out and see their family if they live in another household is unheard of. So with restrictions like this in place, it’s difficult to see huge football gatherings once again being allowed anytime soon.

That means that the SPFL are going to have to come up with a valid way to end the league season. Considering they’re supposedly firmly against a void verdict, that only leaves one option.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon at a press conference

Celtic manager Neil Lennon at a press conference (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It also comes days after Brora Rangers were given the Highland League title (The Highland Football League). That was agreed by all other clubs in the division, with Brora 13 points clear. There was no denying they were going to take the championship, and it’s the same with Celtic.

What will be interesting is whether this goes to a club vote. Nobody knows who Celtic can rely on to vote on an “as it stands” finish.

However, with Britain currently in the middle of its worst crisis since the war, it’s looking more and more likely as though we won’t be playing football for longer than we hoped.

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