Report: Celtic Lowland League link-up on brink of collapse

By John McGinley

May 26, 2022

Celtic’s experiment with the Scottish Lowland Football League could be coming to a rather abrupt end, The Scottish Daily Mail has reported.

Celtic introduced a B team to the fifth-tier league last season. The campaign received positive reviews from the club’s coaching staff and ultimately the young players eager to make a name for themselves at the Bhoys.

It looked destined to continue into 2022/23 after the 16 Lowland League clubs voted in favour of two guest sides again joining an 18-team set-up, albeit with an increased price point for entry.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

However, the plans were thrown into chaos when not only Celtic and Rangers but also Hearts applied to enter a B team.

The Scottish Daily Mail reports that a vote to expand the league to 19 teams has been voted against by a margin of 13 to three.

It’s said chairmen had subsequently been expected to decide which two of the three they wanted to admit by June 6.

Celtic Lowland League future now on the brink

However, all three Premiership clubs have delivered an ultimatum – suggesting to the Lowland League that they either take all three B teams or risk having none at all.

Journalist Stephen McGowan now believes that irked Lowland League clubs will choose to revert to a 16-team league when they discuss the matter at an AGM this Monday night.

That would leave no room for any guest clubs.

Photo By Eóin Noonan/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Whether reason prevails on either side remains to be seen, but it’s certainly heading for a parting of the ways per the report.

Dictating to smaller clubs might not have been the way to go on this one.

We’ll now have to wait and see what the future holds for Celtic’s plans when it comes to creating a pathway towards the first team.

In other news, Neil Lennon wins silverware on first attempt after Celtic exit.