Report: Celtic set to attend VAR meeting on Monday; details on what will be discussed

By David Walton

February 23, 2022

Celtic are set to attend a VAR meeting on Monday along with the rest of the Scottish Premiership clubs, the BBC reports.

The report states that there will be no formal ballot on whether to introduce VAR to Scotland. Instead, what will be discussed is the cost of introducing the technology into Scottish football.

The BBC reports that clubs have now been informed that the cost of introducing VAR into their stadiums will be between £80k an £100k. All 42 clubs will be required to vote in a formal ballot, but the tech would only be used in the Scottish Premiership.

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

This comes after a report from the Daily Mail earlier this week in which it was claimed clubs in Scotland were balking at potentially having to pay £100k for VAR.

A formal ballot is expected to take place before the end of the season, the BBC says. The idea being that it would be in place for after the World Cup in Qatar later this year.

The Daily Mail has already claimed that Celtic and Rangers are both impatient about moving forward even if other clubs drag their heels.

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It will be interesting to see what comes of the meeting on Monday. If not all 12 clubs are really willing to invest in it, then it puts pressure on the bigger clubs to fork out more for the system.

The problem with getting the likes of Celtic, Rangers, Hearts, Hibs etc to spend more on it is the fact that it could open up a can of worms in terms of who has to pay. Clubs who can afford it may decide they simply don’t want to pay for their own if others are putting in a smaller contribution.

That’s just the nature of it. Clubs will be looking out for themselves. However, with Celtic and Rangers both clearly wanting VAR as soon as possible, you would imagine the onus will be on them to lead the way in these talks.

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But we also can’t stop modern football making its way to Scotland. All of the biggest leagues in the world now have VAR. Not having it is damaging the reputation of the game and it isn’t a great look. Even the MLS has had it in operation for several years.

VAR is a major part of football in 2022. It’s something clubs have gotten used to around the world and it’s now utilised in both the Champions League and Europa League.

It feels impossible that you could stop it coming to Scotland. Hopefully, after Monday, fears over its introduction are eased.

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