Report: More Celtic board upheaval could be on the way after McKay shock

By Euan Davidson

September 11, 2021

There could be more Celtic board room drama on the way after Dom McKay’s shock resignation, according to a report.

Yesterday, sensational news emerged from Celtic Park, with Dom McKay resigning from his post after 71 days in charge. Of course, the conspiracy rumours have begun in earnest, despite Celtic citing “personal reasons” for McKay’s swift departure [Celtic FC].

A report from The Herald states that the departure came after a less than ideal start for McKay at Celtic. And, that the feeling within the club was that his resignation now was best for all parties.

The report also says that Peter Lawwell, despite his continued presence at the club, had little to no influence over yesterday’s drama. McKay’s departure could well, the report states, lead to boardroom changes with the transfer window now closed.

Meanwhile, the Daily Record report that there was friction at Celtic Park over structural changes and the vision and direction of the club.

The report states that from the Record’s understanding, McKay jumped before he was pushed.

“Liam Scales is gonna surprise a lot of people” | Irish Football Fan TV & Sean O’Farrell

“Liam Scales is gonna surprise a lot of people” | Irish Football Fan TV & Sean O’Farrell
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After a season of boardroom back-and-forth with supporters, McKay seemed to represent a more fan-friendly face within the executive set-up. With him gone, there’s understandable anxiety about what happens next.

Will we ever know the full story behind the McKay resignation from Celtic board?

What’s obvious here is that the club need to be proactive in telling the fans the situation. Yesterday’s statement [Celtic FC] offered little in the way of explanation; if it was indeed for personal reasons close to McKay, then we wish him the absolute best.

The problem arises when there’s contrasting information. That’s only going to cause in-fighting and speculation. It’s a return to the feeling of last campaign, when board unrest and poor results created a negative atmosphere within the support.

Dom McKay resigned yesterday / (Credit – Celtic FC)

If there was indeed friction over the direction of the club, then Celtic really ought to explain where the destination is. Whether that’s to shareholders, many of whom are supporters, or directly to the fans.

The former seems markedly more likely than the latter, but differing information and speculation only feeds discontent. If the Celtic board want fans onside, then some specifics about the aims of the club, the plans within the boardroom structure and what the future holds would only help.

If there’s more upheaval on the way, it would do some good to explain to fans in advance. They are, after all, the lifeblood of the club, both physically and financially.

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