Report: Roy Keane in talks with Celtic, club have number of candidates in mind

By Euan Davidson

March 26, 2021

Roy Keane has officially begun talks with Celtic Football Club.

According to the Daily Mail’s Stephen McGowan, the club have entered discussions with the former Sunderland and Ipswich boss.

McGowan claims that Keane is one of a number of candidates that the club are set to interview. Enzo Maresca, Chris Wilder and Jesse Marsch have been linked over recent weeks. Eddie Howe is also a long-term fan-favourite candidate to replace Neil Lennon.

The news follows weeks of speculation. A huge number of former players have backed the Manchester United legend to take over at Celtic. Most recently, ex-Red Devils and Blackburn Rovers star Keith Gillespie claimed that Keane was the right man to battle Steven Gerrard.

That Steven Gerrard narrative has been a key part of the speculation around the Celtic job. The popular notion in the football press is that the Bhoys will look to a big name to bring further interest into the league. The thinking seems to be that someone like Keane, who battled Gerrard on the pitch, could do the same as a manager.

Yes, fine: Roy Keane is a popular man / (Photo by Alan Peebles/Getty Images)

Roy Keane to Celtic turns from rumour to possibility

It wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that the prospect of Roy Keane as Celtic manager is controversial.

Certainly, there is a significant portion of the support who believe that Roy Keane is just a more famous Neil Lennon. Keane’s man-management abilities are antiquated, many argue. His thundery demeanour and history of upsetting players is a real concern.

That said, there are as many who believe that Roy Keane could succeed where Neil Lennon didn’t. Motivation was a big problem this season. The weight of 10IAR hung heavy on the players’ shoulders, and Lenny couldn’t get the best performances out of his squad.

Wherever you fall in this debate, one thing is clear: there’s legitimate interest from the club. While it’s important not to jump to conclusions, we can now definitively say Roy Keane is a candidate for the Celtic job.

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