Report: Scottish clubs rejected latest SPFL proposal because of Peter Lawwell board presence

By John McGinley

July 25, 2020

A number of Scottish clubs rejected SPFL plans to grant the league discretion on what to do with the 2020/21 season if there’s a second pandemic wave because of Peter Lawwell’s presence on the new board, The Scottish Daily Mail reports (25/07 print edition, page 117).

The Celtic Chief Executive was appointed to the SPFL board on Monday and journalist Stephen McGowan writes that a number of clubs were uneasy with the prospect of handing Celtic too much say on the fate of the season in such an eventuality, with ten-in-a-row on the line.

Yesterday, the league body released a statement confirming that proposals drawn up to avoid the chaos of club votes earlier in the year had been rejected.

It said: “Several SPFL Clubs requested that the SPFL Board bring forward a resolution, which would give the Board the express power to manage Covid-19 related disruption during Season 2020/21, without the need to seek Rule amendments approved by Clubs.

“Accordingly, a written resolution was circulated to all Clubs, but this did not attract sufficient support to pass.

“Following a discussion at this morning’s SPFL Board meeting, the Board have agreed to move forward in line with the clear will of the Clubs.

“As a result, the existing Rules will remain in place for Season 2020/21, unless any member decides that it wishes to bring forward their own resolution in this area.”

This seems to me to have been a rather short-sighted view of the situation from the unnamed clubs in The Scottish Daily Mail’s report.

Surely nobody wants a repeat of the voting carnage that struck Scottish football following the season’s curtailment in March?

The fall-out from that is still being argued about, with independent investigations and legal action really not helping the game in this country progress.

Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Lawwell is only one member of a large SPFL board and to think that Celtic would inappropriately exert power, or even have the ability to, is rather absurd.

Clubs need to find a common-sense solution and ensure a process is in place that takes as much emotion and bias out of any decisions on the upcoming season as possible, should the pandemic again flare up in Scotland.

In other news, Celtic are said to have reached a transfer stalemate with AEK in efforts to sign Vasilios Barkas.