Report: SFA consider making VAR changes after Celtic and the rest left bemused

By John McGinley

March 21, 2023

The Scottish FA appear to be acknowledging that improvements and changes are needed in their use of VAR technology with BBC Scotland reporting that the introduction of VAR specialists is a possibility.

Currently, VAR officials rotate between duties at Clydesdale House and refereeing matches in person. However, the BBC reckon that Hampden bosses are exploring the viability of creating a specialist role for VAR work only. Leagues in England, Italy and Spain are also considering similar moves.

The VAR situation in Scotland was always going to be a rocky road initially but it’s fair to say that many people don’t see improvement in decision-making or refereeing since its introduction in October. In fact, some would argue things are getting worse.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Celtic have been on the end of a number of baffling decisions and they are not alone. Hibernian have been left fuming with the Scottish FA this season, even receiving apologies for incidents in their matches. Dundee United, meanwhile, have demanded a summit involving clubs and the SFA after a penalty incident at weekend they are convinced was incorrect.

Inconsistency across the league has been a massive problem, especially concerning the handball rule. Penalties given in some games have been similar to incidents waved off by referees in others.

I’m not quite sure if having VAR specialists in place would solve much, but it’s at least the first bit of concession we’ve seen from the SFA that things are far from perfect. They’ve not really proven themselves to be open to criticism in the past.

Hopefully the summit Dundee United are calling for comes to pass so clubs can air grievances and collectively seek some sort of action from the authorities. In turn, those in charge at Hampden need to communicate to clubs a plan moving forward.

The only thing anyone knows for sure right now is that the status quo can’t continue!

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