Retired England international Peter Crouch believes that Celtic and Rangers would thrive in the English Premier League if they were to ever get in.

Discussions have been held in the past over a potential move for the Glasgow giants to England. However, it has always been rebuffed by the clubs already participating down south.

Celtic have tended to raise their game against English foes in the past, impressing against the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool in previous encounters.

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Peter Crouch thinks Celtic and Rangers would thrive with Premier League finances

Peter Crouch believes Celtic and Rangers would thrive with Premier League finances (Photo by Visionhaus)

And whilst Crouch believes that the current Celtic and Rangers teams wouldn’t compete well, he thinks the resources they would get from playing in England would shoot them to the upper reaches of England’s top league.

Speaking in his Daily Mail column, Crouch said: “They would be close to the top if it had anything to do with tradition and history. They are amazing clubs and I know from being up in Glasgow last year how enthusiastic their fans are. I was waiting in Glasgow airport with Chris Sutton and it was like sitting with Elvis!

“I’ve got to be honest with you, unfortunately, and say as things stand both Rangers and Celtic would be in the bottom half if they entered the Premier League and that is purely down to the budgets. The squads assembled and the wages the top English teams pay are on another level.


“For that reason, I don’t see how Rangers or Celtic could compete (with their current squads).”


Exactly what we’ve been saying all along

No Celtic fans pretend we have a team capable of going to England and beating everything on offer. We don’t. And the truth is we likely would struggle massively if we played in England with our current set-up.

But it’s exactly what Crouch said here – it’s simply down to the budgets. Would Celtic have most of the players they currently do if they were raking in nine-figure sums from sponsorship deals and TV rights? No is the answer.

However, there’s definitely a fear down in England. They simply don’t want Celtic rocking the boat and attracting big-name players to Glasgow and subsequently showing up a lot of teams whose fans believe they’re bigger than us.

Celtic Park would attract top talent if we played in England

Celtic Park would attract top talent if we played in England / (Photo by Andrew Milligan/Pool via Getty Images)

They simply have a big pie that they don’t want to share any further, whilst they’re happy to laugh at the small one we eat from. Yet if their players had the chance to play for Celtic in England, you can bet they would walk to Glasgow.

There’s no sign of it happening anytime soon of course, and it’s always a debate that seems to split the Celtic fans. But it’s difficult to get away from how satisfying it would be to show up some of those English sides on the pitch and watching on as the Hoops became a true European superpower.

For now, however, that’s all just a pipe dream for those who want it. As ever, our main focus is on securing the fabled 10-in-a-row and making history in our own country.

In other news, a reported Celtic target dominated a Thierry Henry side last night.

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