Ricky Foster's laughable Celtic and Ange MOTY contradiction

By David Walton

April 28, 2022

Ricky Foster has laughably contradicted himself as he desperately tried to explain why Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou shouldn’t win manager of the year.

Ange is one of 5 managers up for the PFA Scotland award. Steve Clarke, Robbie Neilson, Malky Mackay, and Dick Campbell make up the other nominees in what’s undoubtedly an impressive list this year taking into account everyone’s achievements.

But Ange took over a totally rudderless ship back in the summer. Nobody expected Celtic to lay a glove on Rangers let alone come close to winning the title. It’s looking almost certain that the manager will end the season with 2 trophies as well as showing up well in the Europa League.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Yet Foster hilariously stated Ange shouldn’t win it because he’s expected to win trophies…..before stating that he wasn’t expected to do so this season.

Speaking on PLZ Soccer, Foster said: “I’d probably go for Robbie, just because of how big the transformation has been. They were the promoted team and I know Hearts are a big club, but I think he’s done a fantastic job.

“Ange Postecoglou has done a fantastic job, but he’s at Celtic and they are expected to win leagues and cups. Probably not, no [when asked whether Celtic were expected to win trophies this season]. But he doesn’t have budget restrictions like Dick Campbell does.

“I suppose neither does Robbie, to an extent, but just to be different from the lads, I’d go for him. From where Hearts came from last year, from getting promoted, and there was chat about fans being uncomfortable with their style of play – even though they won it at a relative canter. But they’ve been magnificent. To finish third in the league, and the overhaul of the squad is a fantastic achievement.”

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Argument for Ange not to win is all over the place

The argument from Foster here is broken down by the man himself. Firstly he says Ange is expected to win titles and cups at Celtic. He then goes on to say that wasn’t the case this season.

Then he turns his excuse to the fact that Postecoglou hasn’t had much in the way of financial constraints compared to other clubs. Yet he chooses the man with the third biggest budget in the country for finishing third.

Neilson has done a fine job with Hearts this season. Nobody can really deny that. He has them comfortably sitting as the best of the rest and has reached a Scottish Cup final. There’s no denying their consistency and their progress this year.

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But a better job than Ange? Come on. Let’s not get ridiculous here. Neilson didn’t start the season with a total rebuild of his current squad. He didn’t start the season with his supporters totally disconnected from the football club. He didn’t walk into a new country on his own and transform a football club.

You have to take everything into consideration here. Ange is more than deserving of the manager of the year award. It just can’t go to anyone else despite the impressive achievements elsewhere.

Foster is symbolic of those who will be wanting the Celtic boss to be overlooked. But when it actually comes to breaking down their argument, it doesn’t really stand up.

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