Celtic icon Chris Sutton has brilliantly skewered the argument of Rangers manager Steven Gerrard in his weekly column.

As we discussed already on 67 Hail Hail over the last few days, Gerrard made a nonsensical argument about the punishment due to Nathan Patterson for breaching pandemic protocols in February.

The Rangers boss brought up the player’s potential and ability as mitigating factors in whatever punishment should be handed out to him by the Scottish FA.

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Celtic interim manager John Kennedy has already had his say about how daft that is.

Now Chris Sutton has been even more forthright with his criticism, stating in his Daily Record column this weekend: “It’s an interesting idea Rangers are are putting forward about how the authorities deal with stars who step out of line. Turns out the rules should only apply to duff players.

“If you are a talented lad then it doesn’t matter what you do, you can get away with anything as long as you are decent on the ball. Come off it. I don’t blame Rangers for having a bash at appealing the bans against their players. That’s up to them. But at least be totally honest about it.

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“Steven Gerrard pleading for leniency over Nathan Patterson because he’s a top prospect who might force his way in to the Scotland set-up is a ridiculous standpoint.


“What does that say about the other four players who were carpeted? That they are rubbish? What must George Edmundson and Jordan Jones be thinking? Rangers didn’t even bother appealing their bans, so they must reckon their club don’t think they are up to much.”

Celtic rightly asking questions about punishment delay

While it was welcome to see Kennedy speak out on this issue at the end of last week, it’s even more pleasing to hear that the club have contacted the Scottish FA officially on their Covid punishment discrepancies.

The delay in dishing out discipline to the Ibrox Covid 5 is ridiculous and has made players available to face Celtic twice, that probably should have been suspended.

I’m not sure many pundits will be calling out Gerrard’s ridiculous comments either, so the more fire from Sutton the better as far as I’m concerned.

It will be interesting to hear what the SFA’s response to Celtic is.

In other news, the big change Kennedy made yesterday that Celtic have needed for months.

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