Roger Mitchell is wrong; Celtic fans should enjoy a wee chuckle at Rangers' expense

By Euan Davidson

December 17, 2020

Celtic fans turning on one another is nothing new.

Turning on each other in the wake of a Rangers defeat, though? That might be.

Former SPL Chief Executive and Celtic supporter Roger Mitchell came out firing on Twitter today. His series of tweets decried the Celtic support’s distracted focus from protesting the board. He described the bragging as “Mickey Mouse loserville stuff”.

First off, that’s horrendous patter.

Secondly, come on mate. Given everything that’s happened at Celtic this season, laughing at our rivals is more than welcome. They’ve been doing the same to us, and quite rightly, too.

Is it petty and small-time? Yes. But is pettiness and small-time behaviour what makes Scottish football great? Also, yes.


Besides, Roger; Mickey’s a Madridista / (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Celtic fan Mitchell engages in anti-social media


Reading his tweets, there are kernels of good points being made. Yes, Celtic can’t improve by comparing themselves to Rangers. Fine, nothing concerned with Celtic has improved because of last night.

But come on, mate. In general, this is a meltdown of incredible proportions and pretzel logic which defies belief.

It’s possible to be both A: angry at the Celtic board and B: delighted St. Mirren won last night.

He also stated that it’s “complacency” caused by watching our rivals that is indicative of a larger problem. Mitchell – again, former Chief Executive of our league – is convinced that Celtic fans are “fickle” and will quiet down if the Bhoys win the Scottish Cup and beat Rangers in the New Year.

Pretty wild stuff from a supposed Celtic fan (Daily Record).


High-level discourse: Mitchell evoked Dumb and Dumber in his Celtic rant / (Photo by New Line Cinema/Getty Images)

Celtic’s problems are bigger than one result

I’ll concede that Mitchell is maybe on to something in regards to complacency. To a large extent, the board haven’t been keeping an eye on the broader football landscape. Instead, the focus has been on beating Rangers in the league.

That’s fair to say. However, that’s not the supporters’ fault. And if Mitchell thinks the Celtic fans will go quiet any time soon, he’s going to look foolish for saying so.

It’s possible to concentrate on multiple things at once. This is popularly known as “multi-tasking”. I’m wary of talking down to a former Chief Executive of a football league, of course, but it sounds like there’s confusion here.

One thing does not equal the other. Laughing because Rangers got knocked out of the Betfred Cup last night does not mean Celtic supporters have forgotten how this season’s been. It’s simply an enjoyable situation, a fleeting moment of joy.

Football is full of harsh mocking, bragging and arguing. That’s what makes it so wonderful, and nothing like Rugby Union. If you want fans of opposite teams sitting together harmoniously, watch a different sport.

Again; yes – it’s small-time stuff. But who cares? It’ll pass, and it doesn’t mean that Celtic fans are deluded into thinking everything is suddenly rosey.

To suggest otherwise is ludicrous.