Under-fire Celtic stars got online support from Scot Squad actor Darren Connell.

The unlikely source expressed his anger on Twitter over criticism some fans have for Hoops players.

However, he too has come under fire for calling critics ‘pigs’ in his rant.

Furthermore, some fans don’t back the actor’s assessement of the players in question.

Darren Connell backs out position Burke online

The award winning Glaswegian actor took many players under his wings in the social media post.

Connell said: “Some Celtic fans are arm chair poison, only in Scotland can you win two trebles and it’s still not good enough.

Scot Sinclair is one player actor Darren Connell backs on Twitter. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“The attitude towards Sinclair is disgusting, Jack Hendry looks broken, Burke has played one game and is getting grief already.

Oliver Burke is on the end of stick for being played out of position on Saturday against Airdrie. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“Get a grip and be happy you ungrateful pigs.”


The post comes in the midst of a transfer window and a return to playing after the Scottish Premiership’s three week winter break.

The Hoops beat lower league Airdrie but the first half was the same dull performance fans have been all to familiar with this season.

Connell gets mixed replies to Celtic Twitter post

In response to Connell’s support, Celtic fans couldn’t make their minds up.

Fans who attend games and those who don’t all have a right to an opinion.

This is what the game is based on and Celtic have many things going on that is creating discussion.

Fans should be backing rather than abusing Celtic in tougher times. (Photo by Callum Landells/Getty Images)

However, absuing players on social media is not the way to vent those thoughts as it can only be detrimental to him and the team.

Every supporter wants what’s best for the club but that should include backing players even through hard times.

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