Scott Brown says VAR is "killing the game" just months before Celtic Park bow

By Hamish Carton

January 7, 2020

Scott Brown certainly didn’t mince his words earlier when talking about VAR. The Celtic skipper is yet to come into contact with the technology in a competitive sense, but he will get his chance next month in the Europa League.

“It’s killing the game,” he told Sky Sports in typically honest fashion. “It’s killing the celebrations. You score a goal and you slowly walk back, you can’t celebrate and have that fun with the fans.

(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

“Obviously we want the decisions to be right but it’s the millimetres and the 20 seconds of the game beforehand. It’s killing the passion because, as soon as you score a goal, the first thing you see everyone doing is looking up (at the screen)”.

“It’s killing the momentum of the game.”

(Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Brown will come into contact with VAR soon

Brown’s sentiments come a week after Rangers called for the introduction of the much criticised technology following our recent derby clash. The Ibrox side feel that its implementation would help out the referees in this country, although they may have completely forgotten what has gone on down south over the past six months.

VAR has been a complete failure in the Premier League, and that’s with full-time referees of a higher standard. Brown’s comments on millimetres have been echoed by many in the game and there is an overall feeling that VAR is suffocating excitement as a whole.

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But the Celtic skipper will be tasting the technology sooner than he might like. UEFA’s version of the system, which can see referees view a monitor at the side of the pitch, will be coming to Celtic Park when we face Copenhagen.

The technology will also be used in Denmark and in any subsequent matches we play in this season’s Europa League. Let’s hope that Broony and the rest of the team are well drilled in what to expect.