Scott McDonald left stunned by Ryan Christie's Celtic situation

By David Walton

April 28, 2021

Former Celtic title-winner Scott McDonald has been left stunned by Ryan Christie’s Celtic contract news.

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday [print edition, 25/04, back page] that Christie was closing in on the final six months of his contract. This is down to an unusual contract anomaly that reportedly sees his deal expire in January.

In essence, that means Christie could leave for nothing in July on a pre-contract deal. And in a best-case scenario, we would only be able to sell him for a nominal fee.

And McDonald believes it may just have whacked off as much as £9million from his asking price.

As quoted by the Scottish Sun, McDonald said: “His agent is a genius. If you’re allowed to have a contract run out during the season that’s fantastic for a player or agent.

“It’s very odd. But it’s a disaster for Celtic.

“The money they were portraying they could get for him – near enough £10million – well, let’s be real, more like £1million now if they are lucky.”

Ryan Christie’s Celtic contract situation sums our season up

Given all of the negativity that’s surrounded the club this season, this whole scenario just about sums it all up.

You have to wonder what Celtic were thinking at the time. They will have known about his contract length given they would’ve had to sign off on it. Perhaps they believed that Christie was a cert to sign another deal somewhere down the line.

Regardless, he hasn’t, and it’s left us in a woeful situation. With such a massive summer rebuild ahead of us, we need every penny we can get. Christie’s contract situation now means that we’ll likely bag next to nothing for him.

Celtic star Ryan Christie / (Photo by RUSSELL CHEYNE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

But why not? It’s not as if anything has gone right this season, so it makes sense for Christie to depart for free or for £1m. Given the transfer value he could’ve held, it’s a gutting blow for the football club.

Even if his contract ran until the summer, he still would’ve likely departed. But it’s the fact there was real money to be made here when we did decide to cut ties.

So McDonald is spot on. It is indeed a disaster and it’s certainly odd too. But it’s been a season for this kind of thing.

In other news, Norwich could be set to lodge an insulting offer at Celtic for one of their players.