Scottish Cup win is the last chance for this incredible Celtic era

By Euan Davidson

April 16, 2021

With the Scottish Cup on our minds, it’s important to reflect. What a decade we’ve had supporting Celtic.

9IAR secured for the second time in our history, including a run of 12 consecutive trophies (or a Quadruple Treble if you prefer). Some fantastic, expansive football. Players who have gone on to be recognised worldwide. Multiple career reinventions, tactical tweaks and prolonged careers.

It’s been glorious. Utterly glorious. It’d be good enough in isolation, but adding the woes of our fiercest rivals in the mix arguably makes it even sweeter.

The last 9 years have been an era of dominance paralleled only by the Lisbon Lions, then the Quality Street Gang after them. These have been historic times, ones we can’t take for granted. Because so much fell our way, and we’re unlikely to see it again in our lifetimes. Those who saw both the 60s/70s and now should be extremely grateful.

But all dynasties have to fall eventually. That’s why this Sunday matters so, so much. If Celtic are to end this era and focus on a massive rebuild, then the happy hunting ground of the Scottish Cup is our last chance to appropriately wave a friendly goodbye to a spell of being unrivalled on and off the park.

Nobody has won the Scottish Cup more times than Celtic / (Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images)

Scottish Cup would be a fitting end to a historic Celtic era

While periods of dominance have to finish eventually, Celtic have a fitting finale in their own hands. Yes, we’ve not beaten Rangers since 2019, but this is arguably the most important meeting between the sides since then. It’s only this year that losses to our rivals have meant something in a material way, since 2016.

God, haven’t we been close, though? We really, really should’ve beaten them in late March [BBC], and the smart money would be on us this time round. That feels good to write, because over this season, we’ve looked way, way off it. But if anyone gets the pressures of this situation, it’s surely John Kennedy.

There’s an argument that if Celtic lose, it’ll speed up the inevitable rebuild. That it’d force Dermot Desmond and incoming CEO Dominic McKay to really get things moving in terms of Celtic’s future. I don’t buy that. There is nothing but evidence that freshness is needed at Celtic Park.

We were dismal in Europe and the league defence will have volumes of books written about it. A loss on Sunday would change nothing in that regard, surely?

Whereas, a win puts us on course to unprecedented Scottish Cup history. It gives these players a chance to make history, one last time.

This matters. To end an era of utter dominance with a whimper is absolutely unthinkable.

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