Scottish FA release statement on Resolution 12 issue

By John McGinley

May 19, 2020

The Scottish FA won’t be taking further action on what Celtic supporters call the ‘resolution 12’ issue, they confirmed in a statement this afternoon.

You’ve likely heard of the drive from some Celtic shareholders for the club to take a more combative stance with the Scottish FA and UEFA regarding Rangers’ participation in the 2011/12 Champions League.

Resolution 12, a motion that has been brought forward at multiple Celtic AGMs, proposes that the Hoops pursue legal options against the SFA for lost revenue because the governing body granted the Ibrox side a license to compete in Europe.

It’s thought by campaigners that the failure of Rangers to pay taxes should have ensured this licence was not granted and that Celtic should have taken their place in the qualification process that season.

The Scottish FA had to make a decision on whether to refer the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the Ibrox club rejected a notice of complaint from the association two years ago that said they’d failed to observe the principles of sportsmanship and behave “towards the Scottish FA and other members with the utmost good faith”.

Now though, the Scottish FA consider the matter completely closed.

A statement on the association’s official website said: “A Judicial Panel convened to consider a Notice of Complaint raised against Rangers FC in 2018 – in relation to alleged new evidence regarding representations received prior to the awarding of a European licence for season 2011/12 – determined at a preliminary hearing that it did not have jurisdiction to determine the matter.

“Instead, it concluded that jurisdiction lay with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

“Following consideration of the implications of such a referral, including legal opinion, it was the board’s unanimous position that this matter should not be referred to CAS.

“The Scottish FA now considers the matter to be closed.”

As has been made apparent in the past, Celtic do not seem keen on pursuing the issue further either.

Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell / (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Peter Lawwell said at an AGM late last year (Daily Record live blog 27/11/19, 12:40): “The club has communicated with shareholders on a regular basis, and has communicated with UEFA and the SFA over our shareholders’ concerns. UEFA confirmed that there was no basis to investigate further.

“The club called on the SFA in 2017 to hold a review into all licensing processes. Regrettably the SFA declined hold such a review.

“Understand the long and complex investigation into the licensing issue remains ongoing. The shareholders thoughts come first and foremost but this has been a matter for the football authorities. Celtic’s best bet is to focus on Celtic.”

It’ll be interesting to now see what the reaction of Celtic supporters is to this latest update from the Scottish FA.

It’s unlikely to go down well with those who have been following the saga closely for a number of years.

For now, it appears that the issue is over with.

We can only think back and wonder what Celtic might have been able to do in the 2011/12 Champions League.