Scottish Government figure wants footballers to follow Celtic captain Scott Brown's lead

By David Walton

March 24, 2020

The Scottish government’s national clinical director Jason Leitch has urged footballers to effectively follow Scott Brown’s lead and use social media for good during these testing times.

The current health crisis has led to a lot of uncertainty regarding what people are and are not entitled to do. This has led to many still leaving their homes despite being advised to stay in doors.

People are still gathering in public despite advice to the contrary (Ollie Millington/Getty Images)

Only last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson more or less issued a lockdown of Britain (BBC). Celtic captain Brown sent out a message of support to supporters on Twitter via official Celtic channels on Saturday too.

And speaking in a video message to all footballers, Leitch has urged other high-profile footballers to do the same:

“Many of you have large followings. You are influencers – way more influential than the likes of me – so I need you to take that message out to those who will listen to you. We can’t have gatherings in the park, we can’t have kids meeting in folks’ houses because the virus will spread and people will lose their lives.

“We’re not messing around any more so we really need you to take that very, very seriously.

“We’ll come out the other end of this but I really need you to take this message and take it to everybody, both those people you care about as individuals and also those you influence around the country.”

Celtic have been doing their bit

In fairness to Celtic, their senior figures have been doing their bit. As well as Brown’s message on Saturday, manager Neil Lennon has also released his own statement via the club’s official website today.

The Hoops boss has encouraged all of the club’s supporters to stay safe and to follow the expert advice. This is exactly what Leitch is talking about when he mentions football figures using social media.

Whilst many of us are clear in the message both the Scottish and British governments have given us, it’s especially vital that youngsters also get the message. Hearing it from their role models could be the difference between a larger spread of the virus or containment.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon (Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

These are scary times. This isn’t what Celtic or any football club wants to be using their channels for. It’s unprecedented times, however, and therefore unprecedented steps must be taken.

It’ll be interesting to see who else in Scottish football decides to step up and use their social media for good. The more we get discussing the current situation, the better.