The Scottish media has been called out by former Australian international Paul Wade as he discussed the reaction to Ange Postecoglou becoming Celtic boss.

Postecoglou came to Scotland as an unknown tactician. Not because he hadn’t achieved anything in the game, but because all of his success has come in Australia and Japan. Not leagues the Scottish public take a particularly great interest in.

The former Yokohama F. Marinos manager arrives in Scotland with title successes in both countries. Not including his successful stint as manager of the Australian national team.

However, former Socceroo Wade believes the Scottish press will be out to get him from day one. As he discussed the recent reaction surrounding the appointment, the Aussie took aim at the media.

Speaking on the Football Out West Show Sunday Supplement, Wade said: “There are so many people in Scotland with knives just dying to stab him.

“I was listening to someone from Radio Five Live…he’s laughing and saying ‘Who is this Ange Post-e-cog-lou?’ What an absolute disgrace. It’s because of people like him that’s going to make the job very difficult for Ange. If he can just remain confident that the players can actually deliver than he will do very well.

“But he’s got to look out for that. If Ange is saying things at press conferences he’s got to be strong enough to say you know what, they’re journalists and they’re just trying to sell newspapers. I’m a coach and I’m just trying to win football matches. If he can keep thinking that, he’ll be able to deal with the pressure.”

Scottish media won’t give Celtic boss much time

It’s something we’re generally against in Scotland – change. If a manager who isn’t from a recognised background comes into this country, we tend to be skeptical. That’s fine of course, but you have to give him a fair amount of time to prove his worth.

This is where Postecoglou may run into some problems. He won’t get anywhere near enough time from the Scottish media to put his own stamp on things. As soon as he runs into his first slip-up, the critics will be out.

Look, I’m not blinkered. I know an element of our fanbase will do the exact same. Some who are extremely doubtful over the appointment will find the smallest things to aim against Postecoglou. But the vast majority of us need to recognise the job he has on his hands.

Even if it was Eddie Howe who landed the gig, perspective would still be needed. Even he would’ve run into some major obstacles given the rebuild needed. So Postecoglou needs to be given the same respect and level of patience that Howe would’ve received.

As supporters, this is where we play our bit. Ensuring that we don’t get ahead of ourselves and being overly critical is a key component to all of this. So long as he isn’t feeling early heat from the fanbase, Postecoglou can’t complain.

The reaction from sections of the media to his appointment was always going to be over-the-top and perhaps even insulting. Fingers crossed he proves them all wrong.

In other news, when Celtic fans can expect their Scotland players to return.

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