The SFA and SPFL have been warned they need to take quick action and make a decision on the future of Scottish football, or risk seeing some clubs go under, The Scottish Mail on Sunday report (22/03 print edition, back page).

Celtic and the rest of the 42 clubs that make up the SPFL have been thrown into turmoil due to the continuing pandemic.

With the season currently suspended until the end of April, and likely well beyond that, clubs that primarily rely on ticket cash income from supporters are facing months of difficult decisions.


One Scottish League Two chairman has now warned the authorities that some clubs even face going bust and that decisions must be made that allow the paying out of prize money.

Edinburgh City’s Jim Brown told The Scottish Mail on Sunday (22/03 print edition, back page): “I don’t feel we are getting any help or guidance from the SPFL. We had the meeting by video call but after that we felt no further forward.

“We need some clarity and we need it soon. Clubs could definitely go to the wall in this period.

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“If they made a decision to call the leagues based on current standings or even declared it null and void, then prize money could be distributed. That money would really help our cash flow.”

It seems like these kinds of issues could force the Celtic title question as much as anything.

Far from being about deciding who finishes where, the SPFL’s decision must be taken with the health of other clubs in mind.

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster / (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

If that means that Celtic win the title with eight games remaining then other clubs will just have to deal with it.

Solutions clearly need to be found quickly and although the SPFL and SFA are in a tremendously difficult and constantly changing situation, perhaps taking bold action now will be better in long run and allow everyone to at least deal with what’s to come.

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