The SFA still won’t rule out ending the season completely as they provided an update on their website regarding the state of Scottish football.

The Premiership, along with the rest of British football, is currently in a state of lockdown. Games have been postponed due to the ongoing health crisis, with nobody knowing when to expect it up and running again.

So many different people have their own views on what should happen. Some want the games to be played as soon as is feasible. Others would rather the league ended now and finished as it stands, whilst another handful want a null and void verdict.


Celtic Park may not see any fans for a good while

Celtic Park (George Wood/Getty Images)

And, reacting on their website to UEFA’s video call yesterday, the SFA refused to rule out the possibility of the season being canceled.

“The preference remains that Season 2019/20 will be played to completion. However, Scottish football has been suspended until further notice and the Joint Response Group will continue to discuss the developments regarding the virus on a daily basis.

“The Scottish FA will take guidance from governments, the UK Chief Medical Officers, the Scottish FA medical consultant, Dr John MacLean, and information provided by the World Health Organisation.

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“Given the ever-changing landscape of the virus in Scotland – as with countries across the world – the Scottish FA will only lift the suspension when it is deemed safe to do so from the perspective of public health, but also the safety of all stakeholders including supporters, players, match officials and staff.”

To sum up – the SFA don’t know what to do next

It’s pretty clear that the SFA doesn’t have a particular road that they know they can follow. But nobody can blame them either – the current health crisis is totally unpredictable.

For example, there’s no point in confirming that all games can be played. If things worsen and we get to May/June then the SFA would be slammed for providing a false promise.

However, it would be ideal if we could play out as much as we can of the remainder of the season. If we can scratch some games off the calendar, it may give clubs a fairer chance to fight for certain positions.

Celtic boss Neil Lennon at Tynecastle

Celtic boss Neil Lennon at Tynecastle (Ewan Bootman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

UEFA has given everyone until June 30th to end their domestic campaigns (Daily Record). That isn’t as long as many would’ve hoped. Not having the month of July to help end the season is a bit of a blow.

Celtic, however, must keep an eye on whether a null and void verdict becomes a possibility. The SFA hasn’t yet ruled it out, and due to the extreme unfairness of the situation, the Hoops will be doing all they can to avoid that being the case.

But yesterday’s statement from the SFA/SPFL joint response group didn’t tell us much. It’s clear, however, that they still have no idea whether the season can go ahead or not.

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