SFA silence on Naismith's Brown stamp is pathetic; Celtic deserve better treatment than this

By David Walton

December 22, 2020

Many of us, myself included, would’ve expected some word from the SFA over Sunday’s shocking Celtic-Hearts incident.

Hoops fans were left fuming after Steven Naismith’s ludicrous stamp on Celtic captain Scott Brown. It was totally ignored by the BBC during their half-time analysis.

However, even more concerning is the fact it appears to have been ignored by the SFA too. Our game against Hearts was just under 48 hours ago. Fast forward that time and still Naismith hasn’t been pulled up.

For those who need reminding of the incident, here’s a look at it below:

Celtic deserve better protection than this

Some people seem to think they have free reign to do what they want to Brown. It’s so evident and Naismith is one of the worst for it. This stamp was so blatant, so aggressive, and so typical of him.

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This isn’t the first time the Hearts man has gotten away with stamping Broony. Back in 2018, he did similar at Tynecastle (Scottish Sun). Surprise surprise, he went unpunished for that one too.

It’s not as if John Beaton booked Naismith at Hampden on Sunday either. He let it go altogether. He didn’t punish the Hearts man whatsoever and that alone should be enough for the SFA to his the Hearts man with a notice of complaint.

Celtic captain Scott Brown and Hearts’ Steven Naismith (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Make no mistake, this does nothing for Celtic. The only positive to come out of this for us would’ve been a red card for Naismith on the day. Instead, we’ve again been given an injustice. And the silence from the SFA on this is nothing short of pathetic.

If Naismith gets away with a ban then it sets a dangerous precedent. Make no mistake, there will be plenty of players who would love to stamp on Brown in Scotland. If Naismith gets away with it then anybody can and more players will be willing to take the chance.

It’s ridiculous that the Hearts man hasn’t been pulled up. By all accounts, it’s been missed by Beaton and it’s a clear stamp. Celtic need better protection than this. All footballers deserve better protection than this.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days. However, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that Naismith is unpunishable when it comes to Hearts vs Celtic fixtures. And it’s an absolute disgrace into the bargain.

In other news, the Hearts manager has made a classy Celtic admission that puts his supporters to shame.