Shay Logan's laughable Celtic dig has left absolutely everyone in disbelief

By David Walton

May 18, 2021

Shay Logan’s absolutely perplexing Celtic dig as he made his way out of Aberdeen has left Hoops fans in a state of disbelief.

The delusional Logan stated in his farewell message that he lived in “50,000” Celtic fans’ heads. How he came to that conclusion we’ll never know, but it seems to stem from a match where he made a total idiot of himself in 2018.

Celtic were celebrating trophy day against Aberdeen with the league already wrapped up. A win for Aberdeen would secure them second ahead of Rangers. It’s fair to say there wasn’t a lot of intensity in Celtic’s play that day, as Aberdeen won the game 1-0.

Hilariously, Logan would then start acting the big man at full-time. He began to dance around celebrating in front of Celtic fans and shoving away Hoops players who came over to confront him. In the end, he got himself sent off in what was the most meaningless of games from a Hoops’ perspective.

However, Logan appears to believe that it’s all we think about. A player who has played Celtic 27 times and lost 22 of them, you would think he would have a bit more humility than what he shows. Indeed, Logan has consistently been rinsed by Celtic during his Aberdeen days. He’s consistently been on the end of heavy defeats, with Kieran Tierney in particular giving him a torrid time.

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

Shay Logan’s Celtic dig reflects his narcissistic attitude

If there’s been a rival player with a more inflated ego outside of Ibrox than Shay Logan, we’ve yet to meet him. So much so that he does his best to make sure Celtic fans don’t forget about him on a consistent basis.

You could count his good performances against the Hoops on one hand, and even then you’ll still have a few fingers to spare. It’s not so much that Celtic fans are proving him right by firing back, as some Aberdeen fans would love to think, but it’s just sheer astonishment at the gall of the player. A player whose career highlight is a League Cup win and a red card at Celtic Park.

Shay Logan about to do absolutely nothing at Celtic Park (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

For the truth is Celtic fans never had much of a problem with Logan. After the incident regarding Aleksandar Tonev, however, he had a weird fascination with the Hoops as he constantly felt the need to try and get under our skin.

These attempts were always failed ones from Logan, however. Celtic would eventually win the games and he would be sent walking up the tunnel with his tail between his legs.

And below, the Celtic fans have expressed their bewilderment to what Logan has had to say on his departure:

In other news, a former Celtic target is reportedly available for £500k this summer.