"Short-term desperation"; Michael Stewart's brutal Celtic verdict and how it can be fixed

By John McGinley

February 25, 2021

Michael Stewart believes Celtic need to unify thinking between the different footballing departments at the club in the wake of Neil Lennon’s exit.

The BBC pundit believes that Celtic’s problems go back years and were masked by the success that Brendan Rodgers brought to the club in 2016.

Lennon takes his fair share of responsibility for the mess this season, but Stewart gets to heart of the structural problems at Celtic Park with his analysis.

As quoted by BBC Scotland, he said: “Whoever Celtic appoint, they need to address what seems to be a huge lack of synergy within the departments at the club.

“The prolific success of the Rodgers era masked some of those issues. Certain players were signed and we don’t know if they were the manager’s choice, but it didn’t stop them winning everything. Now, those cracks have been magnified.

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“Gone are the days when a manager was in sole charge of recruiting players, doing the contracts, bringing them in. It has to be a collective and that collective has broken down. Those doing the recruiting have not been good enough.

“There have been panic buys. Who decided to sign left-back Diego Laxalt on loan? He’s no better than Greg Taylor and he undermines the player you have paid for and contracted. The thought process is clearly just a short-term desperation for 10-in-a-row.”

Michael Stewart’s Celtic verdict nails it

That’s pretty much bang on, as I see it too. The mystery surrounding the recruitment decisions at Celtic over the last decade has been unacceptable.

Accountability is a huge thing at a football club, especially one which is primarily funded by the supporters, like ours.

For the first time though, it really feels like Celtic understand this. The analysis above is now the mainstream opinion on the club.

Celtic Park / (Photo by George Wood/Getty Images)

That’s why such major change is on the way.

We can’t continue muddling along and earning success with brute force. We need to be smarter about all of our footballing decisions. The first major ones are the two imminent appointments.

Don’t mess this up Celtic!

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