Should Celtic Park look to follow Murrayfield friendly example?

By Hamish Carton

June 6, 2019

Two of Europe’s top sides will play a pre-season friendly in an unlikely location next month.

Murrayfield, the home of Scottish rugby, will host an uncompetitive clash between European champions Liverpool and Italian giants Napoli. The fixture will take place on the 28th of July as both sides prepare for their new campaigns.

(Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images)

The match is likely to generate interest far beyond Edinburgh with casual football fans sure to flock to the stadium to watch two heavyweights battle it out. Scottish Rugby Union will likely take a decent cut of the action to make the use of its stadium worthwhile.

With a similar sized football friendly arena not too far away, should Celtic Park be hosting such events?

A nice money spinner

While some Celtic fans may not be totally on board with the idea of other clubs and supporters using our stadium, the benefits are there to be seen. Rough estimates would put the price of a ticket for the clash at around £30.

(Photo by Mark Runnacles – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images)

Even if Murrayfield is only 75% full the fixture will still generate around £1.5million in revenue. Cuts will need to be given to the various sides involved but the stadium will still see a massive profit. Everyone would seem to be happy.

It’s surprising that the club have never looked at hosting a pre-season match or even tournament at Celtic Park. Arsenal generated huge income and exposure from the Emirates Cup and there’s no reason why Celtic couldn’t do similar.

(Photo : Philippe Perusseau / Icon Sport via Getty Images)

The opportunity to sell out the stadium and bring in added income surely has to be better than the mundane home friendlies the club currently organises.

When Celtic host Rennes on the 13th of July the stadium will be more than half empty. Surely the club could find a better option that excites supporters, tests players and brings in extra income.