Simon Donnelly gets stuck into Adrian Durham after Celtic rant

By David Walton

February 20, 2019

Simon Donnelly has opened the door for Scott Brown to get stuck into talk-show host Adrian Durham.

The TalkSPORT Drive presenter went on a ridiculous loudmouthed rant on Brown’s celebration at Kilmarnock.

Incredibly, the presenter stated that Brown should’ve just walked back to the centre circle after his last-minute winner. He claims that the celebration with supporters was embarrassing. Durham even manages to somehow tie it in with the Valencia defeat last Thursday. Have a look below if you haven’t seen it yet.

As you can imagine, the comments haven’t generally gone down too well with Celtic fans. Durham’s provocative words aren’t particularly surprising, but they barely make any sense.

And Celtic TV pundit Donnelly has opened the door for Brown to respond. Replying to the comment over Twitter, the ex-Celtic forward couldn’t hide his laughter.

Brown has too much class to engage

Don’t be surprised if Brown doesn’t take Donnelly up on the offer. He generally has too much class to be engaging with wind-up merchants on social media.

But it’s clear Durham has no idea where the line is between controversial and stupidity. He consistently crosses it and has shown an anti-Celtic agenda in the past too.

Celtic will have no regrets over their celebrations on Sunday (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

His previous comments about Mark Warburton being the next England manager, and claiming Brendan Rodgers should leave before Rangers catch up sums him up.

Even in Durham’s comments on Brown’s celebration, he stated that the whole situation “smells” of Celtic. A quick ludicrous thing to toss the way of the inevitable eight-in-a-row champions.

We all knew that Brown’s goal and subsequent celebration would wind-up many. But it’s always a surprise when people allow their bitterness to creep into their professionalism. Durham, on so many occasions, allows that to happen regarding Celtic.

Adrian Durham believed that Mark Waburton could’ve been an England manager (Harry Trump/Getty Images)

Does he just do it to get a reaction? Most probably. Are we all giving him one? Again, probably. But when comments like those are going out on a national radio station, it’s hard to ignore.

Celtic had, of course, scored a massive last-minute goal in the title-race. The idea of Brown just walking back to the touchline given the passion of the game was lunacy.

In the end, however, it’s Celtic that are laughing once again. Durham, on the other hand, simply can’t take it.