Some Celtic fans target BBC man after Tom Boyd comments

By David Walton

August 19, 2019

Tom English’s comments yesterday on Celtic legend Tom Boyd have sparked a reaction from some Hoops fans.

Boyd was on commentary with Celtic TV for Saturday’s visit of Dunfermline Athletic to Parkhead. The Betfred Cup clash nearly ended in a disaster for the Hoops, but we managed to overcome the Pars 2-1 and progress to the quarter-finals.

Tom Boyd (left) is a Celtic hero (Mark Thompson/Allsport via Getty Images)

During the contest, Boyd labeled a decision Beaton made as “pre-meditated”. He also said that Beaton would be “welcome down his pub tonight”. This came after an apparent penalty call for Celtic that the whistler missed.

BBC man English, meanwhile, was quick to jump on Boyd’s comments. It led to a bit of a mixed response from many. But there was certainly plenty of Hoops fans out to defend Boyd. Here’s a look at some of the responses to English’s remarks:

Supporters right to defend their club legend

Like a supporter stated above, the two opinions aren’t mutually exclusive. You’re entitled to think the referee had a poor game whilst knowing your team have been dreadful in the game.

As a supporter who was at the game, I’ll admit I’m struggling to remember the penalty shout that Boyd is talking about. Beaton, however, has proven to be a poor referee in the past and continues to be just that.

John Beaton’s performances are often flawed (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

It also can’t be denied that he spent time after a Glasgow Derby in a Rangers pub. This actually happened. As much as people want to sweep it under the carpet, you can’t deny the validity of it. There are images to prove it.

There’s no denying that Boyd can, at times, get carried away. He’s a passionate Celtic man, and can at times be overly-harsh on referees. It does happen. But regarding Beaton, there’s nothing shameful that Boyd has hit out with.

Beaton has angered plenty in the past (Vagelis Georgariou/Action Plus via Getty Images)

You could argue that Boyd could’ve been a bit more careful with his words. But these are comments aimed for Celtic supporters on Celtic TV. Just like Rangers TV and other club channels in Scotland, they see things from their own biased perspective. It’s aimed at Celtic fans and nobody else, and many Celtic fans will agree with Boyd’s comments.

Beaton was nowhere near the reason for our shocking display against Dunfermline. But Celtic fans are right to defend a man who will do anything to defend his and their club. And as for English, he’s wrong to say Boyd “blamed” the referee for the performance. There’s nothing to prove that’s the case.