South Melbourne share some prime Ange content and Celtic fans will love it

By Euan Davidson

December 24, 2021

We’ve already seen Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou as Santa, sorting out Christmas Dinner for some of the players in the festive advert.

He’s already given us a huge change in momentum. Genuine optimism. Not only that, an early trophy, and Kyogo Furuhashi.

We couldn’t ask for much more from Ange. But the world delivered. South Melbourne, where it all began for Big Ange, shared a fantastic picture of a young Postecoglou from his playing days, and it’s a genuine delight.

Just take a look at this [South Melbourne FC]:

Fans of Hall and Oates will be delighted, if not a little confused.

Young Postecoglou has it all here; the currently-fashionable mullet (don’t ask me), the extremely 80s moustache. It’s the ideal look for a right-back of that era. Sensational stuff.

Of course, South Melbourne are feeling very proud of their biggest export at the moment. The club tweeted to that effect when Big Ange won his first trophy with the club, and talked of the boost in following they’d had after Postecoglou arrived.

The interest is mutual. Postecoglou wished South Melbourne luck last month, before they faced Melbourne City in the FFA Cup.

It seems that Celtic fans, at least not those of the already significant Aussie contingent, have found their Australian club to support.

The SPFL do Celtic a massive favour, as Nicholson becomes permanent CEO

The SPFL do Celtic a massive favour, as Nicholson becomes permanent CEO
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

Classic Ange pic endears Celtic fans to South Melbourne even more

Of course, there are some obvious parallels between Celtic and South Melbourne. Both were borne from oppression, as clubs set up by members of a diaspora. For Celtic, the Irish community of Glasgow. South Melbourne, for Greek refugees.

Both came from very humble but proud traditions that remain to this day. Little surprise, then, that Ange Postecoglou has always understood what Celtic were about.

That’s the earnest bit. The fun bit is firming up the solid relationship between Celtic and football fans in Australia. Since Ange came over, the interest in Scottish football from the land down under has been extremely significant. Even those without any stake in how Celtic do would’ve been delighted to see him pick up silverware last weekend.

Photo by Allsport/Getty Images

Something we can all bond over, then, are pictures of Ange Postecoglou looking like he plays the bass in a genuinely fantastic 80s pop outfit.

Is it too much to ask him to bring the mullet back? Or to shave his stubble and leave the moustache intact?

Maybe. Either way, it’s all good fun, isn’t it?

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