The SPFL board have written a letter to all 42 member clubs, including Celtic, defending itself against accusations from Rangers of misconduct, The Daily Record report.

Clubs will vote on 12th May whether to pass a resolution proposed by Rangers, Hearts and Stranraer that calls for an independent investigation into the SPFL’s handling of the recent vote to end the season if play can’t be resumed.

The Ibrox side claim to have a dossier of evidence but have not yet made it public.


The SPFL have urged them to come forward and share their information, writing in their letter: “We are unaware of any impropriety or any disregard for appropriate qualities of corporate governance. If Rangers Football Club has a dossier of evidence which shows anything to the contrary, then we would repeat the call for it to be brought forward immediately, because we, as club representative directors, have a clear duty to interrogate any allegations of misconduct or the like which it contains.

“The SPFL board is dealing with a fast-moving set of circumstances, with a skeleton staff trying hard to prioritise matters. It’s an unenviable job, and we are sure the many fair-minded people in Scottish football fully understand this.”

The league body also defends itself robustly elsewhere in the letter, which can be seen in full on The Daily Record website.

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It closes with a dire warning that Rangers and others are at risk of causing a chaos in Scottish football that will see the game pay a high price.

They wrote: “We live in a democracy and the SPFL articles are clear – if 75 per cent of the clubs in the Premiership, as well as 75 per cent of the clubs in the Championship and 75% of the clubs in Leagues One and Two vote that we should spend our executives‘ time on matters other than Seasons 2019/20 & 2020/21, and clubs’ money on lawyers’ fees, then we will.

“But if the resolution fails to gain the support of enough members and the requisitioners nonetheless continue on their current course, the cost to our game will be incalculable.”

This would appear to be the SPFL’s attempt at lobbying in public ahead of the May meeting, rather than taking part in any closed doors phone calls or video meetings, that could open them up to further accusations of ‘bullying’.

They’ve laid their cards on the table here and put across their view that they have acted properly throughout this whole crisis and tried their best to navigate it, even if they have made mistakes.

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster

SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster / (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

A further Q+A document is now set to be published by Chief Executive Neil Doncaster later this week, addressing some of the widely distributed claims and queries.

The letter was signed by Motherwell’s Alan Burrows, Hamilton’s Les Gray, Ewen Cameron of Alloa, Ross McArthur of Dunfermline, Brechin’s Ken Ferguson and Peter Davidson of Montrose, with Rangers Managing Director Stewart Robertson apparently choosing not to despite also sitting on the board.

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