The Steven MacLean gesture for Hearts against Rangers on Saturday should come as a big boost for Celtic and Scott Brown.

Brown is set to undergo a hearing in four days’ time regarding his offence against Rangers. The Celtic captain was pulled up for “not acting in the best interests of Association Football”.

It’s never been made 100% clear what part of Brown’s display against Rangers last month warranted this action. The only aspect of Brown’s actions against Rangers that could even be questioned was THAT gesture at full-time. We all know the one.

Despite taking a barrel of abuse since December, the Celtic captain wasn’t allowed to give a bit back. It was a poor call from the SFA, who really should’ve shown a bit of common sense.

Scott Brown had Rangers on strings at Celtic Park (Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

But thankfully, a glorious defence has occurred for the Hoops to fall back on.

MacLean of Hearts netted on Saturday against Rangers to narrow the deficit to 3-1 against the Ibrox side. It was nothing more than a consolation, but he gestured with the same action Brown did. As it stands, there have been no reports of McLean getting pulled up for the action.


Whether the compliance officer takes action today or not remains to be seen. But if any action is forthcoming, it would be a real surprise given how quiet the media have been on the incident.

Would this be the counter-argument?

The only thing that could go against Brown here is that MacLean did it toward his own fans.

That’s perhaps the counter-argument. The idea that Brown did his in a game full of tension towards opposition supporters. But should that even matter? Especially considering the Celtic captain was barely near the Rangers fans when he did it.

Steven MacLean made the same gesture Brown did (David Young/Action Plus via Getty Images)

The gesture is the gesture. Brown didn’t have any form of malicious intent by doing it – it was simply a bit of giving some back. Just like MacLean did.

MacLean said after the game that he was simply giving a bit back to his dad. So that’s apparently all right then and just a good laugh between father and son. It’s not as if anybody else seen the gesture from an apparent role-model.

At the end of the day, Brown and MacLean both carried out the same gesture. MacLean looks like getting away with it, whilst Brown was pulled up. Where is the justice in that?

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