Supporters group Celtic Shared condemn season ticket offering

By Euan Davidson

May 26, 2021

There have been groups at the coalface for change at Celtic, not least Celtic Shared.

The group, formed by members of the Green Brigade and a collection of supporters of different backgrounds, have been campaigning for shares for tickets. The radical plan, headed by Celtic Trust and backed by Celtic Shared, involved refunding supporters by way of shares. That way, fans could be more involved with the running of the club, a la the 50+1 rule in Germany.

However, that plan was rejected last night, and today rubbed salt into the wounds for many. Not least Celtic Shared, who were damning in their sentiments about those running the club. Instead of offering political or business incentives, the club have offered bonuses along with the season ticket. However, the ticket remains the same price.

Celtic Shared’s twitter posted the following message:

Some of the anger in the Celtic support is hard to disagree with

Admittedly, the club has to run at a profit, in able to sign players and coaches. However, the Shares for Tickets scheme wouldn’t have left the club out of pocket, and what’s being offered can be taken as a disrespectful shrug by some quarters.

Frankly, if you’re feeling cynical (and you’ve every right to), the bonuses listed in the club’s season ticket announcement are far from what the Trust or Celtic Shared were hoping for. The problem is, is that as devoted supporters of the club, it’s an impossible decision to boycott. Because it’s not the players’ fault, and after so long without an audience, the players need and deserve that support.

Celtic fans / (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

That puts meaningful protest on a difficult slant, because fans are more than entitled to be angry at this football club, given the last year. While big promises are being made, little seems to be happening in the background, and that’s going to frustrate people. Meanwhile, we’re being asked for our money and – ultimately – our trust.

It’s a very, very precarious situation. How Celtic Shared and the Trust move forward is going to be very interesting. If you think you’ve heard the last of the dissent, you’re in for a shock.

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