SPFL coach amazed by Ange's Celtic impact after arriving at Parkhead alone

By Euan Davidson

March 16, 2022

Ange Postecoglou didn’t bring any staff with him to Celtic; it’s a topic that’s caused much debate and speculation since he came to the club.

Despite how unpopular John Kennedy and Gavin Strachan became during 20-21 – justified or otherwise – the Celtic boss insisted it was up to him to convince them of his vision, and not the other way round. He kept Strachan, Kennedy, Stephen McManus and others, before bolstering the medical and analytics staff incrementally.

Marvin Bartley, who’s already confessed he’s a huge fan of the Celtic boss, said Ange is prospering for this approach. Despite the modern culture of management and coaching teams, like we saw with Brendan Rodgers, Ange arrived alone and adjusted to what was around him.

Photo by Scott Baxter/Getty Images

We’re top of the league, in the hunt for a Treble. So, it’s worked.

Bartley said [Clyde Superscoreboard 16/3 18:46]: “You’ve got to take your hat off to Ange and what he’s done.

“He’s done it all as well, without bringing in any coaches. I know they’ve got fantastic coaching staff at Celtic, but normally when new managers go into a big club, they bring at least 2 or 3 of their own.

“He’s gone there and he’s worked with the backroom staff, and he’s got fantastic results.

“They’re heading in the right direction, 100%.”

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“Fantastic results”; it’s hard to argue with Bartley over assessment of Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

Yeah – it’s fair enough, really.

At the time, Ange Postecoglou arriving alone did seem wild. Given all that happened the season prior, Celtic fans were wishing for a clear-out, with coaches either fairly or unfairly associated with the failures of Neil Lennon’s late era.

It was entirely understandable, when at the time, we were talking about the structure of the club, how to modernise, and what needed changed. Ange Postecoglou, though, wasn’t interested in that.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Ego is important in football. You need to believe you’re the best at what you do, or you won’t succeed. Ange, though, was a particularly interesting study in this case. He didn’t think he needed coaches from his recent past along with him, that he could handle it.

He also said, though, that it was his job to convince the staff at Celtic that he was the man for the job. Not the other way round. No vetting process, nothing like that – Ange was here to press his agenda, and if the staff were into it, then good.

Again; it’s worked. So, Bartley is right – hats off.

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