TalkSPORT's Adrian Durham in Celtic 'cheating' claim

By Connor Gordon

December 10, 2019

TalkSPORT pundit Adrian Durham believes Celtic cheated their way to the League Cup win.

Durham, an outspoken critic of the Hoops, thinks the winners exploited the loan system. It all boils down to man of the match Fraser Forster re-joining his old team to help get the victory.

However, it appears to be sour grapes for Durham as he makes a bizarre cheating claim.

Adrian Durham on Celtic cheating against Rangers

Celtic and Durham go way back with the pundit not favouring the green half of Glasgow.

Adrian Durham is against Celtic loaning Fraser Forster from Southampton. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

"Carl Starfelt to Celtic is a big possibility" | Swedish journalist Anel Avdić

His latest shout won’t surprise fans who keep up with the pundit’s long running saga with The Bhoys. Durham thinks Celtic cheated the loan system to bring in Forster who helped win the final. He made the claim on TalkSPORT on his show yesterday (9th December).

Durham said: “Fraser Forster’s on £70,000 a week… Southampton are paying more than half of that.

“Is it really fair that he’s kept goal for Celtic?

“Southampton have just won the Scottish Cup for Celtic! Isn’t that cheating?”

Anyone outside of the bubble of Scottish football will rightly laugh at what Durham spouted.

Fraser Forster is on loan from Southampton on 70k a week according to Durham. (Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images)

However, he will get people crazily agreeing with him because of the tribal nature of Scottish football.

Why did pundit make such a strange claim?

Durham went on to ask why Forster was in the team if they can’t afford his wages. It’s a perfectly legal method of transferring for a variety of reasons which any team can do – even Rangers.

Perhaps Durham would like to look at the Gers’ history a little better when it comes to financial collapse. Rangers’ liquidated after running up millions of pounds in all sorts of bills – winning titles in the process. Durham didn’t flag up the advantage that the Gers were able to earn much success from.

Rangers ran up debts while winning many league titles before liquidation. (Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images)

However, because Forster helped win the game for Celtic, we now need to start looking at the loan system.

It’s a crazy thing to suggest especially with Premier League clubs using the loan market to farm out so many players. It’s bizarre and it’s a claim from a hurting man who clearly dislikes Celtic and their ability to win trophies.

Celtic should go out and get Forster in permanently to keep the likes of Durham quiet on a footballing environment they know little about.