Tedious patter about Celtic might be worst part of British League idea

By Euan Davidson

April 23, 2021

You know what the worst thing about this Celtic/British League nonsense? The absolute dirt worst element, that makes everyone in their right mind cringe to their very soul?

It’s the patter. The stuff that comes along with it. After the Sun served us a scoop about Celtic and Rangers joining a ‘British League’, you just knew what was coming.

“My nan could score 70 goals a season up there!”, “Margate U19s would better them 10-0 tbh”, “pub league”, “farmers”. There are people who, in 2021, walk and breathe among us who are confident that Celtic and Rangers aren’t the standard of the English Championship. Beating Lazio home and away is nothing compared to taking on Barnsley, apparently.

It’s nonsense of course, but boy! Does it generate headlines. Ex-Real Madrid and Middlesbrough man reckons Celtic couldn’t beat Bouremouth [Record]! ‘Supercomputer’ (read: an intern simming a season on Football Manager) claims Celtic and Rangers would finish in ‘x’ position!

Even Boris Johnson is backing it. There are conspiracies abound that the PM wants to use the idea to block a vote for Scottish Independence [National].

It is enough to give anyone a migraine and it has to stop now.

This, over anything else. / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

Every two years, the same debates arise over Celtic, Rangers and a ‘British League’

Are some criticisms of the Scottish top-flight based in truth? Well, you could maybe argue that it’s a duopoly of sorts, especially now since our rivals have seemingly overcome the embarrassment of liquidation. Does a ‘low standard’ mean we can’t compete in Europe? I think both sides have shown over recent seasons that they can, but maybe there’s truth there, I don’t know.

But when Shrewsbury Town or Walsall fans are suggesting they’d beat Celtic (who beat the current Ligue 1 leaders in December), you know the hyperbole has been turned up to 11. It’s the same nonsense debates repeated over and over, and it’s by no means anything new.

I’m not suggesting that Celtic winning the Coronation Cup should’ve put this debate to bed forever, but either way, we don’t need to prove ourselves to English football fans. We just don’t. And to suggest that we should move league just to prove some EFL fans wrong is a pretty daft justification for mortgaging the future of our football club.

Again; we should be talking our league up, not trying to appease TalkSport pundits and their hypothetical debates. These conversations are tedious in the extreme, and it’s very telling that nobody of any importance from either the SFA, the EFL or the Premier League have confirmed the story.

It’s nonsense, and I’m really, genuinely hopeful this is the end of it. If you want Celtic v Manchester United, or Rangers v Tottenham, create a cup competition with each of the members states within the UK (for now) and be done with it.

Actually, that sounds alright…

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