The big talking point that went unaddressed at Celtic AGM today

By David Walton

November 17, 2021

There was plenty that made the rounds at the Celtic AGM this afternoon.

Whether it be the rumoured appointment of Bernard Higgins in a senior security role, or the lack of trust in the board outright. There were a host of matters discussed, with shareholders making the most of their Q&A session with the men at the top table.

However, there was one big embarrassing saga in recent months that went unanswered for. That of course being the sudden departure of Dominic McKay as Celtic CEO.

Dom McKay’s exit wasn’t discussed at the Celtic AGM today / (Credit – Celtic FC)

McKay arrived at Parkhead from Scottish Rugby in the summer and made a host of promises to the Celtic support. The former Hoops chief promised to make everything about Celtic “world class” whilst consistently pushing his vision of modernising the club.

Things seemed to be going well back in early September. Celtic had just overseen a successful transfer window with Ange Postecoglou, who many viewed to be a Dom McKay appointment, finally picking up some momentum. Fast forward a couple of weeks and McKay had left the post, with Celtic citing “personal reasons”.

However, there were reports that McKay jumped before he was pushed. That senior figures in the background weren’t comfortable with the direction the club was heading in under the former CEO [Daily Record].

“I’ve been invited to numerous people’s houses” | 67 Hail Hail chats to Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

“I’ve been invited to numerous people’s houses” | 67 Hail Hail chats to Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou

Celtic board avoid having to outline detailed reasons for Dom McKay’s departure

This was a potential opportunity for the shareholders to press the board on one of the more ridiculous sagas we’ve been involved in so far in 2021. The fact we had outlined the direction we were going in under McKay only for it to be swept away so suddenly was a shocker of a look.

Today could’ve seen the Celtic board come under plenty of pressure when it came to the details involved in McKay’s exit. Especially considering how much of an important figurehead he was during the early days of the Postecoglou reign.

We’re now into mid-November and all of a sudden it’s as if the McKay era has just been forgotten about. As if it was just a bit of a laugh and that we can simply move seamlessly forward with Michael Nicholson in his place.

Photo by ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP via Getty Images

If that’s the case, then does Nicholson also share similar methodologies to McKay? Does he also have a strong vision of modernisation? What does it actually entail? McKay was never great at providing much detail on how he was going to push the club forward. He instead appeared to speak in generalities.

The reason for his departure could’ve been explored today, as well as how the club moves forward without him. Nobody outside of the board know how Nicholson will differ when it comes to his approach and long-term strategy of the football club. Surely this is vital.

We’ll see what the coming weeks bring, but it looks like the board got away with one regarding McKay today.

In other news, If Ian Bankier wants to show the Celtic supporters respect then he should start by resigning