There’s no denying that one of the main talking points from Saturday was the Celtic celebrations against Dunfermline.

Perhaps more appropriately we should label it the lack of celebrations. It’s certainly something that had some of the fans forums and Twitter users a little confused.

Just days after a Champions League exit to Cluj, it’s easy to put two and two together to get five. “The players don’t trust the manager”. “There’s no morale left in the squad”. “Players aren’t interested anymore”. There are so many different insinuations you can throw at this.


The Celtic players were deflated after the Cluj exit (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

But the most realistic one is surely just the fact that the players were staying humble. Everyone on that pitch on Saturday knew we should’ve turned up and steamrolled all over Dunfermline. We didn’t.

Even by the time Mikey Johnston’s goal had gone in after half-time, we knew it had been a poor performance. Dreadful, in fact. So it’s no surprise that when the goal went in there was barely a flicker of emotion. It will have simply been relief that we had found our way through.

Celtic celebrations would’ve been criticised had we showed enthusiasm

Can you imagine the stick our players would’ve got for celebrating the goals from Saturday? There’s no point looking at the negatives of it. You can’t say that every single player who didn’t celebrate isn’t a fan of Lennon or is downing tools.

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And by the time the second went in, we all knew it was a disgraceful display. By not going over the top in their celebrations, the Celtic players were showing a bit of humbleness and class about them. It wasn’t a game that deserved any celebrating.

There was nothing to shout about on Saturday (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Sure, you can see why James Forrest ran to the corner. He scored the winning goal and was entitled to express his relief as the man who struck the ball into the back of the net. But the rest of his team-mates responded appropriately. They went up and gave Jimmy a high-five or a back-pat. Nothing over the top. Nothing you can beat us with a stick for. Simply relief.

To have a go at the celebrations is to simply look for something that isn’t there. There was absolutely nothing to get excited about on Saturday.

James Forrest showed the most emotion after his winner, which followed on from his Cluj goal (Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Had the players just turned around and walked back to the centre circle without congratulating the scorers then fair enough. But that didn’t happen. Johnston and Forrest were both acknowledged for their strikes.

The Celtic players don’t have to apologise for not cartwheeling about after both goals. It was a poor display, and their lack of celebrations showed a bit of humility.

Not everyone will agree, and that’s fair enough. Some will feel the players should be showing the emotion to give something back to the fans. A signal that their heart is still in this. Fair enough, but equally there’s nothing to be concerned about either.

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