The crucial questions for Celtic board after McKay departure

By Euan Davidson

September 11, 2021

Bhoys supporters have been left aghast by the shock departure of Dom McKay, and now questions have to be asked of the Celtic board.

The CEO was only in for 71 full days before departing on Friday evening. That was after the London Stock Exchange had closed for business, a common time for companies to drop big news stories.

For Celtic supporters, it’s another source of anxiety. Like Chris Sutton wrote [Daily Record], the mood had been lifted entirely since McKay and Postecoglou rolled into town. Signings came in, a controversial CEO in Peter Lawwell had stepped down, and the changes were being rung in.

Photo by Brendan Moran/Sportsfile via Getty Images

Or so it seemed. Now, there are bound to be a myriad of enquiries for the Celtic board.

Firstly, why did the club cite personal reasons when the truth about his departure was obviously going to come out the same night?

How was Dom McKay capable of passing what had to have been intense job interviews, only for him to leave so quickly? If the board were sold by his aims for the club, why aren’t they allowing him to execute them?

“Liam Scales is gonna surprise a lot of people” | Irish Football Fan TV & Sean O’Farrell

“Liam Scales is gonna surprise a lot of people” | Irish Football Fan TV & Sean O’Farrell
67 Hail Hail (Youtube)

What are the club trying to achieve in terms of re-organisation, structures and modernisation?

Are the club going to continue the methods of communication from McKay’s brief era?

Why was Dom McKay trusted to oversee one of the most important financial aspects of the club – buying and selling players – if he wasn’t entirely trusted by the board?

Celtic board need to nip questions in the bud to contain disquiet

There are plenty more; we’re sure you have some of your own, too.

It’s just that with such a good feeling at the club after a season of torrid rhetoric, bad results and seemingly little ambition, it feels cruel to take away one of the pillars of optimism.

Whether you bought into the substance of what Dom McKay was saying, he was at least an outsider. He was someone who came with a reputation for saving ailing organisations, and setting them up well for the future. His words might have been a fair amount of corporate speak, yes, but he was promising something vastly different.

(Credit – Celtic FC)

Do the incumbents in the Celtic board have the same appetite for what McKay was offering now? I’m not so sure myself.

Perhaps though, the most obvious question is this:

Was Dom McKay just not up to it at Celtic?

Perhaps we’ll find out eventually.

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