The daft Pochettino chat sets Celtic expectations too high; our ambition needs to be credible

By Euan Davidson

November 28, 2020

Former Rangers, Liverpool and Stoke midfielder Charlie Adam claims Mauricio Pochettino should be the new Celtic manager.

Adam, currently at Championship strugglers Dundee, made his comments on PLZ’s Football Show, claiming accurately that the former Spurs man has “got no job”.

Harrowingly misunderstanding the work of magicians everywhere, Adam said:

Dermot Desmond can pull anything out the rabbit. He’s got enough money. Could Pochettino be the one? Could he throw Pochettino in the mix?

Adam, capped 26 times by Scotland, added:

Because he’s got no job. Come in, rebuild your career again and see what happens. What’s the difference with that and Brendan Rodgers coming to Celtic?

Charlie Adam: has opinions / (Photo by Alan Hayward/MI News/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Pie in the sky

Although Mauricio Pochettino hasn’t won any major silverware at any of Espanyol, Southampton or Tottenham, he’s a coach with immense pedigree and an excellent reputation.

Dragging his Spurs side to a Champion’s League final in 18-19 and a second-place finish in 16-17, Pochettino recruited well and created a hard-working, eye-catching team.

He was also largely responsible for the emergence of Harry Kane as an elite striker.

However, this seems like pie in the sky stuff. Pochettino has been continually linked with some of the top jobs in the sport. According to the Manchester Evening News, Manchester United made an approach for the Argentinian only this month.

Therefore it seems incredibly unlikely that either Desmond would move for the reputable coach, nor would Pochettino himself fancy a move to the Scottish Premiership.

Mauricio Pochettino was born in Murphy, Argentina. It has to mean something. (Photo by Matthew Lewis/Getty Images)

‘Good Celtic Man’ credentials

Pochettino, who played for PSG, Bordeaux and Espanyol during the European part of his career, averaged 1.84 points per game in 293 matches for Tottenham Hotspur as a manager.

The 48-year-old Argentine was born in the suspiciously Irish sounding town of Murphy. That’s about as far as even the most tenuous link to Celtic goes.

However, there’s no doubt that fans would get behind this.

We’d be equally excited about the arrival of Lionel Messi, Space Jam-era Michael Jordan, or a hologram of Willie Maley.

I’d love to be wrong, but I think Charlie Adam might be a little off the mark, here.

Ambition is a great thing, and he’s right about Brendan Rodgers joining Celtic, as well as the money on offer for any potential managerial arrival.

However, the idea of Mauricio Pochettino arriving at Celtic is beyond unlikely. We’re talking about a guy who was close to winning the biggest prize in European football only two years ago.

Celtic are a gigantic club, there’s no doubt of that, but we need to rebuild our reputation in the Champions’ League before we can talk about signings of this magnitude.

If Charlie Adam offers you odds on a horse, I’d pick a different one. That’s all I’m saying.