Celtic interim boss John Kennedy has been talking about the circumstances of his appointment this week and how it was communicated to the players at Lennoxtown.

As we know, the news broke of Neil Lennon’s Celtic exit late on Tuesday. That was when much of the first-team squad found out about it all, as confirmed by Scott Brown.

However, Kennedy and Peter Lawwell were quick to pull the players together at Lennoxtown on Wednesday morning to explain what had happened and why.

What occurred sounds like a bit of a cathartic therapy session, as much as a coaching one.

As quoted by The Scottish Daily Mail (27/02 print edition, page 113), Kennedy said: “It comes around quickly. Neil and the club had the conversation and then there was the next step.

“You have to try to bring some stability as when that happens it can be a very emotional time for everyone. It’s an uncertain time for the players, so it’s a case of realigning everyone and moving in the right direction.

“When the players came in we had a meeting to discuss things and bring clarity. Everyone knew the situation and we just wanted to talk to them from our own point of view and say: “This is what is happening”.

“I told the players I’d step in and take the role for the time being. It was just about stripping it back and facing up to the situation we find ourselves in. We have to still move forward, do the right things and get back to what we know we can be.”

Celtic failure will hit home for players

Up to now, it’s felt as if Neil Lennon was trying to keep his players ticking over with some sense of achievement this season. It was all about putting a winning run together and finishing the season as strongly as possible.

However, the failures of this term will all now be hitting home with the first-team. They now know what fans have known for a long time. We’ve lost the league and all our efforts have to go towards building towards next year.

You can understand why this might be an emotional time for those at Lennoxtown. No doubt there’s also a feeling that they’ve let Lennon down.

Celtic Lennoxtown
Celtic at Lennoxtown / (Photo by Rob Casey/SNS Group via Getty Images)

However, this moment can also be a rebirth. There’s no reason why these first-teamers can’t lay down a marker and prove they deserve a place in the squad from the summer onwards.

It’s all about using failure as motivation, rather than a reason to be despondent. Hopefully that’s what we see, starting today v Aberdeen.

In other news, John Kennedy has explained why he picked Stephen McManus as his first-team coach.

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