It’s quickly becoming clear that Celtic are playing with fire when it comes to season ticket renewal.

If reports in The Scottish Daily Mail this morning are accurate, Celtic are planning to see out the rest of the season with Neil Lennon in charge.

This is proving to be a deeply unpopular stance as supporters look for immediate change from the status quo.

Lennon is overseeing a calamitous Scottish Premiership campaign.

That, coupled with a European run just as bad, has been a nightmare in a season that should have involved Celtic competing for ten-in-a-row history.

Victory is never guaranteed, but the fact we couldn’t even sustain a title challenge to Rangers is bitterly disappointing, to say the least.

Communication from the club this year has been dreadful and supporters are quickly running out of patience.

Fans backed the club with record-breaking season ticket sales last summer despite no guarantee of being allowed into Celtic Park to watch the time.

It was incredible support, especially during a period of furloughs, redundancies and pandemic uncertainty.

Celtic season ticket renewal
There may be slow uptake when it comes to Celtic season ticket renewal / (Photo by Craig Williamson/SNS Group via Getty Images)

Celtic fans are now angry

If Celtic are banking on that kind of support this year, they could be deeply mistaken, if their stance of stony silence and stubbornness continues.

A change in manager now may be a short-term problem for the club, but it has long-term upsides.

Celtic could communicate with the fans on the future plans for the club without undermining Neil Lennon and could embark on a robust recruitment search.

Most of all, it would provide assurances for worried supporters that change is on the way. It would also be proof that the club recognises this season wasn’t acceptable.

Fans are now openly debating taking the painful step of withholding their season ticket cash. The feeling on social media is clear to see.

Celtic need to start listening, or risk a financial deficit…

In other news, Celtic have missed out on summer target Alfie Doughty.

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