The modernisation of Celtic can't exit the club along with Dom McKay

By David Walton

September 13, 2021

Dom McKay certainly made plenty of promises to the Celtic support before his 72-day tenure came to an end.

It’s unfair to accuse him of failing to follow up without knowing the true circumstances surrounding his departure either. However, there was one particular long-term objective that always caught the eye.

Indeed, the former SRU chief stated after the appointment of Ange Postecoglou that he was planning for the next 10 years at the football club as he laid out his long-term objective.

Ange Postecoglou and Dom McKay

Speaking via 67HailHail’s Youtube channel, McKay said the following as recently as June:

“Every element of the club needs to make sure it remains as professional, as slick and as World Class as it should be. We operate in a high-performance environment, we want to make sure we’ve got the best possible tools and people and processes at our disposal.

“So every part of the organisation, I’m going to want to make sure is ready for the next ten years. That’s my mission. Having done that, pretty much in rugby… I want to make sure we’re ready for the next ten years.

“Whether it’s in data analytics, whether it’s in recruitment, whether it’s in engagement, whether that’s on investment in facilities, whether it’s up at Lennoxtown or Barrowfield or here at the stadium, I want to make sure that we’re ready for the next ten years. And that we’re surprising and delighting people along the way.”

The key Dom McKay Celtic goal that shouldn’t be thrown out

Some will have spotted a red flag with terms such as “World Class” being bandied around. However, McKay was big on modernisation. It seemed to be his ultimate goal – to completely rejuvenate the football club and start updating the inner workings of it to make it as effective as possible in the present day.

McKay frustratingly never really managed to provide details on that front. He mentioned a few areas that he wanted to ensure were modernised. The likes of data analytics, recruitment, engagement, and club facilities were all mentioned by the now-former CEO.

Many fans agreed with him wholeheartedly at the time. How could you not? Celtic’s recruitment in particular had been so backward in recent yers. We’d failed to scour markets that are highly profitable in the modern-day such as the J-League. Engagement with supporters was at an all-time low too with the club failing to acknowledge the power of the modern-day fan.

Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

However he was going to do it, McKay had the base right on his 10-year plan. The appointment of Postecoglou was a great start as was his first transfer window. Celtic were building something on the park and still are.

But that’s only one key area of the football club. McKay, according to the man himself, was looking to revolutionise the workings of the Hoops and ensure its operations fit into the modern-day footballing environment. To simplify, he wanted to avoid Celtic leaving itself behind as football and sport continues to evolve.

Regardless of how we go about it, that core principle shouldn’t change. McKay’s 10-year remarks were on the money and have to be followed up with decisive action, but it’s just a shame supporters won’t see his particular vision of the club come to fruition.

In other news, It’s time for interim Celtic CEO Michael Nicholson to face the cameras