The must-watch 2018 Eddie Howe interview with Gary Lineker amid Celtic speculation

By John McGinley

April 4, 2021

With Eddie Howe reportedly on the brink of being announced as Celtic manager, supporters are rightly scouring social media and the internet at large for information on the potential appointment.

We could be just days away from an announcement on Howe, so what can we learn from his past?

Everyone knows he’s a legend at Bournemouth having taken them through the English football league to the bright lights and big money of the Premier League.

What kind of character is he? How does he present himself? What does his daily work look like?

We can get a bit of insight into that from a brilliant 13-minute 2018 interview with football and broadcast legend Gary Lineker on YouTube.

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Lineker visits Bournemouth’s stadium and training ground to enquire about Howe’s career so far, his life away from football and his management philosophy.

You really get a sense of what Howe the coach approaches challenges. He’s a motivated individual with an interest in positive reinforcement.

He’s dedicated too, suggesting he arrives at the training ground from 6:30 in the morning. Howe admits he’s probably not at home as much as he should be, perhaps demonstrating why he’s taken a season-long break from football rather than jumping into available jobs.

More than anything it’s not just Howe’s warmth that shines through, though that does, but his ambition as well. You may find that incongruous with the fact he stayed at Bournemouth for so long despite a rising stock. Lineker puts that’s theory to him.

However, Howe appears to be so focused on the short terms goals of improving his own standards and the players around him that this big picture view of his own career becomes irrelevant.

Celtic target Eddie Howe gave an extensive interview to Gary Lineker in 2018 / (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

It’s clear he loves the day-to-day work and interactions. His demands are right up there and, for me, it’s obvious he will raise the bar at Lennoxtown.

I’ve been on the Howe to Celtic hype train for months now, but it’s videos like this that will surely sell him to those supporters who have doubts.

I’d love to see him in the Celtic Park dugout. Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good YouTube video or the polite interview style of Lineker.

Give it a watch and decide for yourself.

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