"The noises coming out of Celtic are positive"; Another journalist weighs in on Eddie Howe

By John McGinley

April 15, 2021

As Celtic close ranks and give little away in the search for a new manager, we at 67 Hail Hail reckon it’s crucial to take a close look at what journalists with their ear to the ground are saying about the situation.

The ‘mainstream’ press in Scotland is much derided by some supporters, but really in my mind, they are useful.

We know that Celtic still like to operate in traditional press relations circles, so tracking what different journalists are saying, especially those known to have exclusives in the past, is worthwhile.

That’s my preamble to get you interested in what Michael Gannon had to say to Chris Sutton on this week’s Record Celtic podcast.

They had an enlightening discussion on the Eddie Howe situation, with Gannon clearly believing the move to the Bhoys is still very much on.

Stating why there might be a delay in his appointment, he said: “It’s more legalities and the finer points of contract details. I think that Eddie Howe will be at Celtic in the summer. I suspect that he might still be on the wage bill at Bournemouth and why pay £400,000 to get him out early when the season is done? He could be working away in the background.”

The interest of Sutton was piqued, who smelled a bit of insider information.

Gannon continued: “I’m only surmising. These matters won’t be discussed because it is contractual matters and they are highly private. There is also Richard Hughes, that angle as well. Richard Hughes was a Premier League technical director on a good wedge as well. Would he get that at Parkhead? That’s another good part of the budget that Celtic are looking at, that they didn’t actually plan for. There’s wee things in the background going on like this that cost a lot of money but maybe in the longer term will get ironed out.

“The noises coming out of Celtic are positive this is close or they are optimistic. All these sort of warm, fuzzy phrases. Optimism is the word that’s getting used all the time about Eddie Howe. I don’t think there’s a panic at Celtic.”

It follows on from quite similar comments from Scottish Daily Mail journalist Stephen McGowan on Clyde 1, which we discussed this morning.

Post-derby looks like the best time for Celtic to announce Eddie Howe

Whether Celtic win or lose on Sunday against Rangers in the Scottish Cup, I reckon next week would be an optimal time to announce Eddie Howe is taking charge of the club.

We know by now that any manager coming in will likely officially take over in the summer. But really it can be announced at any point.

Either in the afterglow of a beautiful derby or win, or to expunge the disappointment of defeat, Celtic can capture everyone’s imaginations next week.

Eddie Howe is still the prime target for Celtic / (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

It just so happens to be when Dominic McKay arrives at the club from the SRU too.

Of course, negotiations may not be finalised by then. However, if the situation is as positive or as optimistic as Gannon is hearing from Celtic sources, we can keep our fingers crossed.

In other news, Chris Sutton isn’t happy with John Kennedy’s recent Celtic comments.