The persistent message Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou won't listen to

By David Walton

October 10, 2021

Another day, another voice letting Ange Postecoglou know it’s all about results at Celtic.

The Hoops boss has consistently spoken about what he wants to build at Celtic Park. That of course he wants to build a successful side at Parkhead, but that he wants one that wins in style. Even after big defeats such as the hammering off Bayer Leverkusen, he was insistent his style wouldn’t change [Daily Record].

Postecoglou has been preaching the same kind of message all season. Before his first Premiership match at Tynecastle, he stated that the performance was every bit as important as the result [Sky Sports].

Hugh Keevins is the latest to indulge in the narrative of results being of primary importance. That performances would effectively happily be sacrificed if it meant boring wins all season. Keevins believes Postecoglou’s celebrations at Pittodrie were a sign of that [Daily Record].

It’s a message Postecoglou has been hearing all season. When you come into the gig and preach about exciting, attacking football whilst struggling for consistency, it’s something you’re always going to hear.

Whether it be from journalists, former players, or even supporters. Results over performances feels like it’s a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment.

Time to stop the narrative; Celtic boss Ange Postecoglou isn’t listening

Even after losing our first three away matches of the season. Even after losing our first two Europa League games of the campaign. Even after the constant defensive mistakes that have plagued our season. Not one of these trends has led to Postecoglou ditching his principles.

It doesn’t take the most eagle-eyed of onlookers to notice this either. Postecoglou actively preaches it [Glasgow Times]. He wants the world to know his intentions with this Celtic side stretches far beyond just acquiring results.

Celtic fans are getting used to it in fairness. It’s not something that frustrates us anymore. We know what our manager prioritises and we’ve gotten used to it. Now, it’s simply a case of waiting to see if he backs it up.

But there’s no point hammering home the message of results over performances. Not to a manager who will stubbornly stick by his principles to the very end. And make no mistake, that’s exactly what Postecoglou will do.

It’s all becoming tiring. It wasn’t long ago he was being compared to Tony Mowbray because of his principles either before being told it was all about winning [Daily Record]. But it’s time to learn that nothing is going to change. Postecoglou wants results at Celtic, but he wants it done in style. That’s just his identity.

He’ll know the importance of victories, of course he will. Only by getting wins will he be allowed to see through his Celtic vision in full. But why bother talking about the necessity for results over performances anymore? The manager has made his view clear on this and it’s time to back him.

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