Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales has given a strong hint that Barcelona won’t be given the La Liga title if the season was to end prematurely, in a move that could affect Celtic’s hopes.

The UEFA member associations agreed to complete their domestic campaigns by June 30th. However, due to the ongoing health crisis, it’s unclear whether that date will be feasible to achieve.

If not, there are going to be some big question marks about what happens with the league titles across Europe. This isn’t a situation that’s going to go away anytime soon, with plenty of supporters and football figures chipping in with their own individual thoughts and solutions.


Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales

Spanish FA president Luis Subiales (Oscar Del Pozo/AFP via Getty Images)

However, speaking to Spanish outlet AS, Rubiales stated it would be “unfair” to end the leagues and award prizes as it stands.

“The 19-20 season has to end with the same rules and not change, although the situation is exceptional. I cannot guarantee that the competition will end, as others have risked saying, before June 30. But it is unfair that the competition ends with the classification as it is now.

“We have been working with UEFA for many days, by phone and by videoconference. We have put forward some proposals that have been satisfactorily approved. We already know what the situations are for the European, local and Euro competitions.

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“The competitions have to be finished before June 30. All teams have to play all the matches. That is what we discussed with the 55 member federations and with the Executive Committee. We have all voted favorably.”

Some context must be taken into account

These are unprecedented times as we know. Therefore, if the Spanish FA were to rule that Barca couldn’t win the league – some would argue that the precedent will have been set by that decision.

However, you need to have some context too. Barcelona are two points clear at the top of La Liga. They have 11 games still to play. There’s therefore absolutely no guarantee they would hold onto their lead.

In addition to that, Real Madrid beat them in their most recent El Classico a couple of weeks ago to shift momentum. They’ll argue that, given that momentum shift, they would be getting robbed of a chance to put real pressure on Barca.

The Scottish Premiership title debate rumbles on

The Scottish Premiership title debate rumbles on (Jeff Holmes/Getty Images)

It couldn’t be any different to the title race in Scotland. Celtic are 13 points clear with only eight games to play. Yes, we know Rangers have a game in hand to take it down to 10, but even then you need Celtic to lose half of their games.

Momentum has also firmly been with Celtic since the start of January. It’s not as if our title rivals are coming into a good moment and starting to put pressure on us. If the season was to end, Celtic would win it, and you won’t find any reasonable football fan argue to the contrary.

Therefore, common sense will hopefully prevail. You can’t judge every league title race the same. That would be a slap in the face to clubs such as Celtic, Dundee United, and Liverpool respectively.

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