The reported summer Celtic shake-up that Dermot Desmond failed to cover yesterday

By David Walton

March 24, 2021

Celtic majority shareholder Dermot Desmond may have felt like he covered the key topics yesterday.

The managerial hunt? Check. Dominic McKay’s influence on the new appointment? Check. Batting away speculation about a potential fan takeover of the club? Check.

Granted, the way in which he covered all of these topics was anything but smoothly. We failed to learn anything substantial about our search for a new manager. We still don’t know just how involved McKay will be in the process. And Desmond was far too aggressive when talking against a fan takeover of the club.

Yet there was one key aspect of the Celtic rebuild that he failed to cover whatsoever – the appointment of a new Director of Football.

If truth be told, you could’ve read Desmond’s interview and question whether we’re even going to change the structure of the club in the summer.

Where do Celtic go from here? Dermot Desmond fails to let us know where we’re at in DoF hunt

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that Celtic had several candidates in mind for the role. However, Desmond didn’t even entertain it and it wasn’t the subject of any of his interview questions.

It seems a touch bizarre if Celtic are going down this route that they wouldn’t offer any update on it. And it’s also interesting to note that any new Director of Football doesn’t look like having a say in the managerial process.

It could even be the case that Celtic appoint a manager before the DoF. That’s something that would make minimal sense given it’ll be the DoF who lays out his plans for the long-term. Surely, if he’s going to be working towards a long-term vision for the football club, he should have a major say in who the new manager is.

Dermot Desmond didn’t discuss the Director of Football chat / (Photo by Ross Parker/SNS Group via Getty Images)

But Desmond failing to even cover this topic makes our future a touch hazier than we would like. And we have every reason to question whether the club is even looking for a DoF just now. Or perhaps, for some reason, the search is on hold.

Celtic fans need some clarity over what direction we’re heading in for next season. Will the DoF be in place for the summer? Where does that leave Nick Hammond? What influence will the DoF have on the new managerial appointment? Why are we looking for a manager first if that is indeed the case?

There are so many key questions that come directly from the DoF search. It’s majorly disappointing that as Dermot Desmond attempted to cover the key issues surrounding Celtic, he failed to touch on one of the biggest.

In other news, this dream Celtic appointment has finally provided plans regarding his long-term future.