The Ultimate Scott Brown Patter Playlist: a Celtic Collection

By Euan Davidson

March 25, 2021

Scott Brown is, along with so many other things, really funny.

If I asked you who the Celtic player with the best patter was, you’d be wrong if your answer wasn’t Broony. He’s provided so many classic Bhoys moments that putting together any kind of list was going to be incredibly tough.

Both on and off the pitch, he’s given us absolute classics. His post-match interviews were often really funny, while his on-field antics during routine wins were a cause for uproarious laughter amongst the Celtic support.

In terms of sheer patter, nobody has come close. You could argue Mikael Lustig’s police hat antics were a high watermark. In terms of consistency though? Nobody is close to touching the iconic Celtic captain.

Let’s have a look at his humorous highlights over a 13-year spell at Celtic.


“His shooting is pathetic”; Scott Brown on Jeremie Frimpong


If you’re a particularly sensitive soul, this video will send waves of nostalgia that isn’t even Scott Brown-related. Broony seemed overjoyed when Jeremie Frimpong broke into the Celtic team, and talked up his immense qualities. He couldn’t, however, resist a dig at the Dutchman’s prowess in front of goal.

Frimpong’s reaction says it all.


“Tripped to the ground, but he’s loving life”

You know this one would be here.

After being on the receiving end of two robust challenges against his new club, Aberdeen, Broony could’ve stayed down and milked the contact.

The number 8, however, took a different tack. With the Dons supporters in his ear the whole game, Brown hilariously took a few strides and celebrated in front of the Aberdeen fans. It was a moment of utter gamesmanship, getting it right up the home support, as if to ask “is that all you’ve got?”.

Classic Broony. Now to see how Aberdeen fans like having him in their team.

Here comes nothing / (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Scott Brown v Joey Barton


This was an absolute non-contest, but in terms of hubris, you’d do well to find a funnier slap-down. Joey Barton, he of much notoriety in England, talked up his abilities as he moved to Rangers.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out for the former QPR man, as the Gers were trounced 5-1 in Barton’s debut derby. More than that, though, Broony brilliantly slapped down any idea of a rivalry.

Said Broony, when asked how his first battle with Barton had gone:

“Easy. Yeah, it was fine. Wasn’t a problem, there was no battling whatsoever.

“I think the scoreline talks for itself. At the end of the day, it shows you how it was men vs boys.”

After the second goal, Broony checked up on the Englishman, and he was asked how that interaction had gone:

“I was just making sure he was alright.”

“Was he?”

“Think so”.


The face

Can’t really describe this in much more detail, but I’ll try:

During yet another win over Rangers, Broony clearly heard one of his opposition saying something or other. The Celtic captain simply points at the scoreboard.

The face says it all.

“He came up to congratulate me” / (Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images)

When Andy Halliday “came up to congratulate” Scott Brown

Finally, another Derby classic, and it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

Yes, “The Broony” against El-Hadji Diouf is particularly famous. Arguably even funnier, though, was another post-Derby presser in which Scott Brown claims Andy Halliday was coming up to congratulate him.

Scott Brown doesn’t get the credit he’s due in terms of intelligence. But the quick wit and the delivery he showed here was fantastic. An unbeatable Glasgow Derby moment in the pantheon.

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