Title reality dawns on rival supporters as they emerge with desperate Celtic narrative

By David Walton

April 25, 2022

Celtic are 6 points clear with 4 games to go, and it’s fair to say it’s left Rangers supporters in an absolutely desperate state.

For so much of the season we’ve been hearing about how they were, effectively, going to chew us up and spit us out. How they were going to romp to the Premiership title and that Celtic couldn’t lay a glove on them.

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It’s something that was backed up by the media too. Pundits consistently told us we had no chance as Ibrox-supporting columnists such as Kris Boyd lapped it all up in the early stages of the campaign [Scottish Sun].

But now they’ve run out of credible ground to maintain that narrative. Now, they need more than a miracle for Celtic to lose the Premiership from this position. Surely, then, that’s leading to a showering of praise being thrown on to the champions-elect?

Of course not. Instead, they’ve come up with a desperate new narrative to try and make them feel better about things. Instead, it turns out that Celtic are in fact one of if not the worst team to have ever won the league whilst it’s simply been gift-wrapped to us by the Ibrox club.

Celtic have more than earned the title should they see it over the line

By saying this, Rangers supporters are trying to degrade Celtic’s potential title win. It shows they’ve firmly run out of belief in us crumbling and therefore have resorted to simply trying to tarnish it with baseless claims.

The funniest part about all of this is how simply inaccurate it is. We won’t go through degrading title-winning Celtic sides, but this current crop certainly won’t be the worst of them if they get over the line.

Ross County 0-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction

Ross County 0-2 Celtic | LIVE Reaction
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In addition to that, this idea of it being gift-wrapped to us is hilarious. Haven’t we been unbeaten in the league since September? Haven’t we only drawn 4 in our last 28 league matches? With a massive goal difference of 19 more than Rangers? Which one of those points to us being gift-wrapped anything?

Not to mention Celtic are looking to win their 3rd of 4 league derbies next weekend at Parkhead. They look likely to pull it off too, and it’s clear our rival supporters are preparing for it. They’re now at their lowest ebb and instead of boasting about title success, they’re trying to degrade it because it’s finally dawned on them that it likely won’t be their club achieving it.

The meltdown is going to be absolutely glorious. Here’s a taster of what’s likely to come over the next couple of weeks:

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